How Do Recruiters In Italy Use Social Media? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Sprucing up your Twitter account is almost as important as revising your paper resume these days. But are recruiters really watching you on social media? This infographic should help you decide.

Adecco Italia surveyed 9,100 job seekers and 503 HR representatives in Italy to see how social media is used on the job hunt.

Recruiters are pretty split when it comes to whether or not they even bother to check the social media accounts of eager applicants. 51 percent say they don’t, and 49 percent say they do – but organizations with 250 or more employees will check out social media just about 60 percent of the time. However, only 4 percent of all recruiters check Twitter, preferring Facebook (55 percent) and LinkedIn (24 percent).

They are also split about whether they use social media to include additional applicants or exclude current ones, with 27 percent using it to pass CVs into the discarded pile due to some defect or other, and 34 percent choosing to widen the pool of applicants.

There’s lots of other great information in this infographic about how recruiters use social media which is valuable whether you’re in Italy or not, so take a look below:

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