The Average Social Networker Manages 3 Email Addresses [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by status updates, tweets, viral videos, photo boards, and email newsletters, you’re far from alone. and Harris Interactive conducted a survey of 2,084 people ages 18 and older who have at least one email address and one social networking profile.

The data, collected from May 31-June 4, 2013, reveal the following.

· 42% of all study participants have multiple social media accounts — 61% of study participants ages 18-34 have multiple social media accounts.

· The average person manages 3.1 email addresses, compared with 2.6 from data collected last year.

· 51% of people visit social networks more frequently than they did just two years ago.

· 27% of participants flock to social sites as soon as they wake up.

· 21% more women are on Twitter than in 2012; 28% more men are on Twitter than in 2012.

More stats in the infographic below:

(Infographic via, image via Shutterstock)