Social Media & Online Community Posts From Around The Web

Every Friday I post links to a few of the blog posts that I read during the week that I found interesting and insightful.

Included in this week’s round-up is a discussion about finding ways to unite your online community around singular issues; why communities should highlight quality not quantity; a discussion about best practice when responding to customer feedback on social media sites; and where social media fits in brand culture.

How To Find Major Issues To Boost Activity And Unite Your Online Community

Brands that are really sneaky might identify a product/service related issue that members might be frustrated with and begin the process there. This is especially useful if you plan to change it. It means your community will win.

Online Communities Should Highlight Quality, Not Quantity

Woot does a great job at giving its community the respect it deserves. They’re proving how much value they place in their community by giving it pride of place on the homepage. They’re also ensuring they recognize quality over quantity – a community culture that should always be encouraged, but is still relatively rare.

Is it Social to Respond to Customer Complaints in the Social Media World?

As mentioned earlier, avoiding the comments is not an option. Almost as bad is having a delayed response. Time is of the essence when you are trying to put out a fire online, especially given how everything on the Internet happens in real-time. Make sure to respond efficiently so that the public does not have the opportunity to form an opinion of you and/or your company.

Where Does Social Media Fit With Brand Culture?

Looking at cause-and-effect in social media shouldn’t end with deciding whether Twitter is an appropriate, scalable venue for customer service. It shouldn’t end with a protocol for Facebook page administration or even a crisis communication plan (all important things, mind you).

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