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Every Friday I post links to a few of the blog posts that I read during the week that I found interesting and insightful.

Included in this week’s round-up is a discussion about handling complaints that appear on your company’s social media profile; why images help boost fan engagement; principles that drive customer and fan engagement; and how social media can make your organization stronger.

Handling Complaints in Social Media

There needs to be a workflow that embeds complaints made via social media into the customer service system. This process will lay out roles and responsibilities – so even if the social media manager doesn’t deal with complaints directly, then they can flag it up within the system. It’s also hugely important to quantify the types of complaints and conversations around your brand – that way you can not only anticipate need, but set response procedures up correctly. This sort of analysis also provides insight that can feed back to company management, who can invest more in these problem areas.

What Encourages Facebook Engagement?

Facebook’s new Timeline relies heavily on photos, so it seems that posts with photos and videos will continue to perform well for brands. And as Facebook introduces more verbs beyond “like,” companies could develop interesting ways to increase engagement on their pages.

7 Big Questions To Drive Consumer Engagement

Focus on the basics as to what content, tools and techniques drive re-engagement, referral and re-purchase evidenced by your measurement dashboard. Grow what works, stop what doesn’t. So long as the KPIs can be tied broadly to sale (question 1) then discussions with management are much simpler and meaningful at the commercial level.

How Social Media Can Make Your Organization Stronger

Social tools can greatly enhance employees’ capacity to learn on the job. Social tools can make it easier for people to collaborate, inside and outside organization walls. Transparency, ownership, learning and collaboration are some core elements of human organizations. Social media let you try them out without having to make a disruptive transformation at the beginning.

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