Social Media Now Used By Great Majority Of Hiring Companies, But Traditional Methods Still Reign

According to Jobvite’s latest Social Recruiting Survey, the vast majority of companies (92 percent) use social media in their recruiting efforts.

Yet old-school methods are still considered the best way to find high-quality candidates: when asked to rank the quality of candidates from a variety of recruiting techniques including referrals, job boards, social networks, direct sourcing, and so on, social media didn’t crack the top three. (They were referrals, direct sourcing, and internal transfers, if you were curious.)

Also, while 92 percent of the 1000+ respondents to Jobvite’s survey said they’d used social media in an effort to hire, only 73 percent had actually made a hire through social media. (That is up 15 percent from 2010..)

LinkedIn is still by far the most popular social network used for recruiting, with 93 percent of recruiters saying they’ve used that network, followed by 66 percent using Facebook and 54 percent using Twitter.

Just another reason to keep that LinkedIn profile up to date.