Social Media Newsfeed: Zuck Speaks | iPad Mini | Instagram-Twitter Integration

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Zuckerberg Admits: If I Wasn’t the CEO of Facebook, I’d Be at Microsoft (VentureBeat)
Entrepreneurs flocked to Stanford University to hear Mark Zuckerberg, the T-shirt wearing chief executive of Facebook, open up about the company’s early days at Startup School, an annual conference, by the outspoken founder of Y Combinator, Paul Graham. “I probably would have taken an engineering job … [and] always had a lot of respect for Microsoft,” he said. “A lot of people from Harvard went to work there.” CNET Graham, who runs the most influential start-up incubator anywhere, didn’t ask about the stock price or about the impact that Facebook’s messy IPO has had on start-up funding in general. He didn’t ask about the ad business, and he didn’t even once mention the word “mobile.” TechCrunch Zuckerberg reiterated again and again the fact that in the beginning, he didn’t intend for Facebook to be the massive business it is today. Initially it was not a company at all, he said — it was “a project.” Gizmodo Zuckerberg said he predicts the rate of sharing will double every decade. That’s an awful big increase, don’t you think? Is there even 1,000 times as much stuff to share? AllThingsD Much of the other advice Zuckerberg offered to the young crowd were the usual platitudes — listen to your users, stay simple, be reliable. But his most important point was clear: punch above your weight class. If your product is better than anything out there, the users will let you know it.

Other Gear Besides iPad Mini to Debut Tuesday (USA Today)
An expected unveiling of new Macintosh computers on Tuesday will likely be overshadowed by the launch of a cheaper, smaller iPad from Apple. New models of the iMac desktop machine, MacBook laptops and the Mac Mini component computer are likely, predicts Sterne Agee analyst Shaw Wu. CNET Newly leaked photos seem to support reports that in addition to the much-rumored iPad Mini, Apple will be unveiling a new iPad 4. The photos show what is purportedly the Lightning dock connector for an iPad 4, comparing it with the dock for the iPad Mini, according to Boy Genius Report, which published the images. The Next Web Just last week we brought you the news that Apple’s Oct. 23 iPad Mini event would be focused on iBooks, which makes sense as it will likely be a great device for reading. Now, a live listing on iTunes, discovered by Florian Innocente at, is directly referencing iBooks 3.0 as a requirement.

Instagram Boosts Twitter Integration, Translating User Names (SocialTimes)
When Instagram users @mention a social contact and then tweet the photo, Instagram will automatically translate the user’s Instagram handle to his or her Twitter handle. If the user hasn’t connected the two accounts, the “@” sign will be removed in the post to Twitter to reduce confusion for users on that site.

Yahoo Faces the Mayer Dilemma as Quarterly Earnings are Released: Focus on Media or Go Social (The Next Web)
A drastic turn in Yahoo’s future could be announced this week as the search engine company releases its first quarterly earnings report since it brought on Marissa Mayer as CEO. Yahoo is faced with its most complex decision in recent history: does it abandon media-sharing and content creation in favor of building out a more social product?

Twitter Boosts College Grades and Class Engagement [STUDY] (Mashable)
Christina Greenhow, an assistant professor of education at Michigan State University, discovered that students using Twitter as part of their education are more engaged and have higher grades. In fact, she considers it “a new literary practice,” as she explained in her study “Twitteracy: Tweeting as a New Form of Literary Practice.”

YouTube Reaches Out to Nonprofits With Campaigns Tracking Tool (ZDNET)
YouTube continues to beef up analytics support on the front and back ends of the video-sharing platform with the introduction of Campaigns. Described as a “digital thermometer,” essentially this tool for nonprofit organizations can be used to set goals for the number of desired views with real-time tracking for pinpointing progress.

Study: Facebook Ads Have Little Effect on Political Campaign (AllFacebook)
Two researchers studied Facebook ads placed by a candidate running for a state Legislature position, seeing if they helped his name recognition or likeability. Unfortunately, in this case, the Facebook ads barely moved the needle for the candidate.

Pheed Wants to Be Your New Twitter — With a Price Tag (The Daily Dot)
Pheed is being touted as the new Twitter. It has Tumblr-style post options for text, audio, video and photos, while it has a character limit for updates.

A History Of Social Media (1971-2012) [INFOGRAPHIC] (AllTwitter)
The history of social media is, essentially, the history of the Internet, and you will find its roots in email, usenet, the World Wide Web, blogs and (gasp) AOL. This infographic from Copyblogger takes a look at the history of social media.