Social Media Newsfeed: YouTube Wii App | Facebook Gifts

Free YouTube App Released for Nintendo Wii (Mashable) Nintendo Wii owners now have a new way to access YouTube on their gaming consoles. On its YouTube blog, the company announced Thursday that it’s releasing a YouTube app for Nintendo Wii.

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Free YouTube App Released for Nintendo Wii (Mashable)
Nintendo Wii owners now have a new way to access YouTube on their gaming consoles. On its YouTube blog, the company announced Thursday that it’s releasing a YouTube app for Nintendo Wii. GigaOM The Wii app looks somewhat similar to YouTube’s recently-launched PS3 app, with an interesting technical twist: Most videos consumed through it are streamed in Google’s WebM open-video format. This makes the app “the largest deployment of WebM video in the world today,” according to a YouTube spokesperson. TechCrunch By finally adding the Wii, YouTube now offers apps for all of the three major gaming platforms in the United States: Xbox, PlayStation and the Wii. In total, Google says, the service is now available on more than 400 million devices, and YouTube already announced that it would also be available on the forthcoming Wii U. Bloomberg Businessweek Nintendo’s new Wii U will likely fly off store shelves during the holiday shopping season, giving the creator of Mario and Zelda a temporary boost as it tries to rebound from its first annual loss. The Wii U debuts in the United States on Nov. 18 starting at $300, and shortages are likely as the company is expected to sell 3.5 million units this year, according to market researcher IHS Screen Digest. The New York Times The Wii U feels like an accommodation to the new mode of living that Apple’s iPhone and iPad have. What’s new — beyond high-definition graphics and some Internet-enabled features that won’t be turned on until Sunday — is the Wii U GamePad, a roughly 10-by-5-inch touch-screen controller.

Facebook Kicks Off Holidays with Gifts Expansion (CNET)
Facebook is making a big, commercial splash in New York City, announcing several new partnerships for its gifting service in time for the holiday shopping season. The social network wanted to create some buzz and used a press event at FAO Schwarz in New York Thursday to highlight the new retailers coming on board for Facebook Gifts, including a few tech companies: Hulu Plus, Pandora and digital music service Rdio. The Next Web The company is adding a gift button to every user’s profile allowing for easier gifting straight to an individual as well. People will be able to refuse gifts, but the shipping is paid by the gifter. VentureBeat Gifts was tested a bit a few weeks ago when Facebook collected charitable contributions for victims of Hurricane Sandy though the service. Facebook partnered organization such as the American Red Cross, Boys and Girls Clubs of America and others to make Gifts work for a good cause.

Goodbye to Daily Deals? Groupon Emphasizes Always-On Deals (AllThingsD)
Groupon is rolling out a new deal structure and homepage redesign that will allow consumers to search and find offers for things they are immediately interested in buying, instead of having to wait for a coupon to arrive in their in-box. In an interview Thursday, Jeff Holden, the company’s senior vice president of product, explained that Groupon has mastered serendipity, but it has not always been good at giving people a place to shop for things they are already looking to buy.

Twitter Adds Email Sharing; Facebook Adds Share Button to Apps (ABC News)
It’s all about sharing, or at least if you’re a heavy Twitter or Facebook user it is. The two social media companies rolled out some new features Thursday that will make sharing your favorite posts with others a bit easier.

Facebook Introduces Developer Alerts (AllFacebook)
In an effort to keep developers informed about critical events related to their applications, Facebook Thursday announced the launch of developer alerts via Facebook notifications and email for those listed as administrators or developers of apps. Developers: Will these new alerts be helpful?

LinkedIn Offers Data on Childhood Dream Jobs Around the World (SocialTimes)
LinkedIn released a graphic Thursday identifying the most common childhood dream jobs by country. Teacher was the most popular dream job in the United States, but also the only one of the most coveted jobs to appear on the girls’ wish list.

How One Law Student is Making Facebook Get Serious About Privacy (ars technica)
What began as an academic assignment in spring 2011 quickly morphed into an advocacy organization called “Europe vs. Facebook.” Over the last year, student Max Schrems has encouraged tens of thousands of Facebook users worldwide to request copies of whatever data Facebook holds on each of them, as he has done.

DataSift and Partner to Give You More Information About Who’s Clicking Your Links on Twitter (AllTwitter)
A new partnership between two of Twitter’s preferred partners promises to improve how we measure engagement, virality and the success of our content on Twitter. The partnership will enable DataSift to go through’s massive amounts of data and examine the activity that is happening across its millions of links.

Hamas Called Out for Tweeting Deceptive Photo (The Daily Dot)
On Wednesday night the Alqassam Brigades, the military wing of the Palestinian organization, tweeted out a photo to its 10,500 followers of a man carrying an injured boy through what looks like a hospital. Controversy quickly erupted when other Twitter users recognized the same photo from the Syrians & Friends Paris Facebook account, where it was posted nearly a month ago.