Social Media Newsfeed: Twitter Reaction to Mandela’s Death | Spotify Mobile Streaming

The world reacts to Nelson Mandela's death on social media. Spotify is allegedly planning to launch free mobile music streaming. These stories, and more, in today's Morning Social Media Newsfeed.

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Nelson Mandela’s Death Spurs Celebrity Outpouring on Twitter (Today)
The death of former South African president Nelson Mandela on Thursday touched millions around the globe who revered the life and work of the iconic 95-year-old. On Twitter, celebrities and entertainment figures were quick to share messages of love and peace for the celebrated anti-apartheid leader. Los Angeles News Group Many living in South Africa took to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media to express their respect for Mandela and grieve his death. Los Angeles News Group used Storify to compile some of these reactions. Mandela was known to be a fan of sports and was an amateur boxer in his younger years. He believed sports “had the power to change the world.” Athletes have been expressing their condolences on social media since hearing of Mandela’s death. The Australian As the news broke, the legendary activist became the top trending topic on Twitter and Facebook worldwide. Hashtags included #Mandela, #madiba, #Nelson and #RIP, while “Nelson Mandela,” “South Africa” and “Rest in peace” were among the most tweeted phrases. The Huffington Post Speaking from the White House, U.S. president Barack Obama said “Mandela has achieved more than could be expected of any man, he lives for the ages.” British prime minister David Cameron was one of the first to express his grief on Twitter, calling Mandela “a hero of our time.”

Spotify Said to Unveil Free Mobile Music Streaming (CNET)
Spotify is reportedly in the midst of planning free, ad-supported, mobile music streaming, according to The Wall Street Journal. This means users will be able to listen to music on the go via their smartphones and tablets.

Stupid Selfies Taking Over Online [Infographic] (SocialTimes)
Selfies were never the mark of the online mastermind, but they’ve gone far beyond the oft-mocked duck face and background poo to a place from which they can likely never return. No, there isn’t one distasteful selfie variety to point to and support this assertion, unfortunately – there are many.

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Google Now Lets You Download a Copy of Your Gmail and Google Calendar Data (The Next Web)
Google Thursday rolled out a long-requested feature: being able to download a copy of your Gmail and Google Calendar data. The new feature means you can now back up your emails and calendars, or just export them temporarily so you can import them to another service.

Six Trends from Facebook’s Compassion Research Day (AllFacebook)
Facebook hosted the fourth Compassion Research Day Thursday at its headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif., and the social network revealed six important trends its compassion research team discovered while partnering with researchers from Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, Yale’s Center for Emotional Intelligence, Stanford University, Northeastern University, Claremont McKenna University and other institutions. Readers: Have you ever encountered an uncomfortable situation on Facebook? How did you handle it?

Twitter Tips its International Strategy (AllThingsD)
Twitter wants to go even more global than it is today. The company is upping its game on increasing customers outside of the United States, signing deals for prime mobile phone placement in some cases, and for reaching untapped audiences in others.

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Foursquare’s New iOS App Could Help Solve its ‘User Intent Problem (VentureBeat)
Foursquare released a new iPhone app Thursday for iOS7 with an updated design and push notifications that offer helpful information and tips for places near you. Now when you arrive somewhere new, the app will automatically recommend what to order or deliver special offers, even if the app isn’t open. It also presents a feed of what your friends are up to and recommendations of popular businesses in that city.