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Twitter’s New API Rules Likely Spell the End of Third-Party Clients (Wired)
On Thursday, Twitter announced a new version of its API in a blog post. The latest version requires anyone using the Twitter API to be authenticated, institutes a rate-limiting feature and makes big changes to the ways developers can use Twitter’s data. ars technica Among the most damaging of these new changes for third-party developers is the evolution of Twitter’s Display Guidelines into Display Requirements. Developers are currently allowed some leeway in how they present tweets, but the new requirements will enforce a number of design decisions that may make it more difficult for third-party clients to differentiate themselves from both the official Twitter clients and one another. TechCrunch Apps that require more than 1 million individual “user tokens” will now have to work directly with Twitter. If you’re accessing certain services, such as the home timeline, that are “typically used by traditional client applications”, the threshold is 100,000 user tokens. If an existing app is already over the threshold, it can continue to operate, but once it doubles the user count that it has today, “You’ll be able to maintain your application to serve your users, but you will not be able to add additional users without our permission.” VentureBeat Currently, Twitter limits the number of free accesses to its API to 350 calls per hour, whether the requesting site is looking for a tweet, a profile, a user or a search. In the future, Twitter will implement per-endpoint rate limiting: 60 calls per hour. CNET For many developers, Twitter’s impossibly jargon-heavy declaration elicited a predictably sour reaction. The acid summation offered by Marco Arment, who developed Instapaper, summed up the feelings of many: “I sure as hell wouldn’t build a business on Twitter, and I don’t think I’ll even build any nontrivial features on it anymore,” he wrote on his blog.

Instagram Refreshes App by Including Photo Maps (The New York Times/Bits Blog)
On Thursday, Instagram rolled out the third version of its application. The update makes several improvements, including refreshing the look of profiles, smoothing out performance bugs and allowing users to mark comments as spam. But its main focus is the addition of a photo map that lets members plot their Instagram pictures on an interactive world map. USA Today Any new photo uploads will have a toggle for making the image visible on your map or choosing to skip it. Of course, Photo Maps are a part of each user’s profile, and you can browse the maps of your friends as well. The Huffington Post “The vision is to make geo-data more prevalent and have users produce more of this data,” said Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom, whose company Facebook agreed to purchase for $1 billion. “We want 90 percent of photos to be geo-tagged because we can do more powerful things with that data.”

New Ustream App Lets You Broadcast Directly to Facebook (Mashable)
A new app from UStream lets you broadcast live video directly from your iPhone to your Facebook feed. Called Broadcast for Friends — or BFF — the app can be used to share a live video to just your group of friends or publicly.

Exclusive: CBS Launches ‘Fall Previews’ With New Social Features (Lost Remote)
Fall TV season is slowly but surely kicking into high gear, and even though it’s not even Labor Day, networks are using social to begin to tease and build buzz for their new shows. Lost Remote has learned exclusively that has launched its new “Fall Previews Hub” with some brand new social features.

Investors Unload Facebook Shares, Stock Tumbles Below $20 (AllFacebook)
Accel Partners, one of the earliest investors in Facebook, reportedly sold 50 million shares of Facebook (total worth: roughly $1 billion) on Thursday. The social network’s stock, which closed Wednesday at $21.20 per share, fell to $19.87 when the closing bell rang Thursday.

Skype for Windows 8 Leaked, Shows Off Microsoft’s Tablet Interface (The Verge)
Microsoft appears to be readying a new version of Skype that’s designed for the new Windows 8 interface. An image of the Skype Metro-style app leaked to Twitter this week, showing how Microsoft has optimized its voice and video calling service for upcoming Windows 8 and Windows RT tablets.

Vimeo Now Lets You Turn Any Video Frame Into A Thumbnail … Will YouTube Follow Suit? (SocialTimes)
Vimeo has announced the launch of an exciting new feature — the ability to turn any frame of a video into a thumbnail. Auto-generated thumbnails are no more on Vimeo … when will YouTube take a hint and start offering this feature as well?

Zynga and Nokia Expand Partnership to Bring Poker Game and Draw Something to Asha Touch Devices in Q3 2012 (The Next Web)
Finnish phone maker Nokia has announced that it has expanded its existing partnership with social gaming giant Zynga to bring hit games like Zynga Poker and Draw Something to Asha Touch devices in the third quarter of 2012. Nokia says that means “over 100 million” consumers will get to play the games by fall this year.

No One’s Listening to Your Tweets? Start Putting Your Twitter Handle Everywhere (AllTwitter)
If you have only a handful of followers who barely interact with your tweets, you’re not getting much out of Twitter. Here’s how to fix that.

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