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Facebook Insider Peter Thiel Sells 20.1 Million Shares (USA Today)
Peter Thiel, one of Facebook’s earliest investors and a member of its board, was among the insiders selling stock in the social network after a lockup expired last week. A regulatory filing on Monday said that Thiel, a former CEO at PayPal, sold about 20 million shares of Facebook through affiliates such as his Founders Fund and other entities last week. Reuters Thiel sold his approximately $400 million worth of shares on Thursday and Friday at average prices ranging between $19.27 and $20.69 per share after the end of the first lockup, which barred early investors and insiders from selling shares following the initial public offering. The sales, in which Thiel sold roughly 20 million Facebook shares, were conducted as a result of a trading plan that he entered into on May 18, according to the filing. San Jose Mercury News A spokesman said Thiel had no comment Monday. Thiel still owns about 5.6 million shares of Facebook and remains a director of the company. CNNMoney He became a Facebook investor in 2004, when Mark Zuckerberg first set out to turn his dorm room project into a lasting business. Thiel and his associated investment funds held more than 44 million shares of Facebook when the company went public. AllFacebook Microsoft also sold 20 percent of its Facebook stock. The fallen stock price has an effect on the social network’s pending Instagram acquisition, as well.

LinkedIn Profiles are Finally Getting a Redesign (VentureBeat)
LinkedIn profiles are finally getting a long-overdue facelift. The new LinkedIn profiles are superslick, modern, mobile-friendly and eliminate a lot of clutter. Los Angeles Times Notably, the profile picture and username has gotten larger, and users’ summaries have been moved higher up. The new look is rolling out to users over time, and it is part of an overhaul that began last month with LinkedIn’s homepage.

Team of 62-Year-Old Swimmer Live-Tweets Swim From Cuba to Florida (Mashable)
Diana Nyad, a 62-year-old marathon swimmer of Los Angeles, Calif., is attempting to make history as she swims from Havana, Cuba, to Florida, a distance of 103 miles, in what she calls the Xtreme Dream. Though Nyad’s in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico, her support team is sharing updates @diananyad from her journey on Twitter and her blog.

Quora Launches Embedded Quotes Feature (PC Magazine)
Q&A site Quora Monday introduced the ability to embed quotations into websites, cutting out the republishing middle man. Now, the embedded quotes feature provides webmasters and publishers with code that will display a formatted Quora quote.

Submissions Now Open for 2013 Streamy Awards (SocialTimes)
The Streamy Awards, the only award show dedicated solely to honoring excellence in original web video programming, makes its comeback on February 17, 2013, streaming live from the Hollywood Palladium. Submissions opened on Friday.

Google Analytics Could be Banned in Norway (TechCrunch)
The Norwegian Data Protection Bureau has declared that Google Analytics is not in accordance with the law. According to the European Parliament, IP addresses are personal data.

An Inside Look at CNN and Facebook’s First Election Analysis (Lost Remote)
In July, CNN and Facebook announced a major partnership around the election — “America’s Choice 2012″ is an analysis of Facebook’s more than 160 million users in the United States and CNN’s multi-platform audience. Its first big report is out, and Lost Remote spoke to Michelle Jaconi, CNN’s executive producer of cross-platform programming, about the results.

@Sweden Uses His Platform to Lambast Sexism in Gaming (BetaBeat)
This week’s Swedish tweeter is Naseer Alkhouri, a “homeopathic Swede” who develops games for a living. In addition to tweeting adorable fruit sculptures and a treatise on citizenship, the issue of sexism in gaming appears close to Alkhouri’s heart.

Developers Launch Petition Asking Twitter For Answers (AllTwitter)
Developers are not happy about Twitter’s stricter API rules, scheduled to take affect some time in the near future. They want answers, and they’ve started an online petition in an attempt to get them.