Social Media Newsfeed: Snapchat Leak | YouTube in New York

A third-party application has claimed responsibility for the recent Snapchat leak. YouTube is opening a brand-friendly studio for creators in New York. These stories, and more, in today's Morning Social Media Newsfeed.

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Snapsaved Was Responsible for Snapchat Leak (SocialTimes)
Snapsaved, one of the third-party applications that allows users to save disappearing snaps, has taken responsibility for the recent photo leak. The site’s Facebook page posted a statement, saying “I would like to inform the public that was hacked… We had a misconfiguration in our Apache server. Snapchat has not been hacked, and these images do not originate from their database.” Re/code Snapchat’s API was effectively hacked. Unlike Twitter and other services that encourage developer interaction, Snapchat keeps its programming interfaces private, meaning those using them are doing so without permission. The Verge We spoke with a developer, Alex Forbes-Reed, who says he had no trouble recently reverse-engineering Snapchat’s API for his own application, and he suspects it was easy for engineers at Snapsaved, the source of the allegedly stolen photos, to do the same thing.

YouTube Takes Manhattan (The New York Times)
YouTube’s new 20,000-square-foot production space in New York is coming together quickly in anticipation of a Nov. 6 opening. It’s part production facility, part lab and a bit of a video university — all an effort to provide tools that will allow YouTube creators to advance their technique. And not coincidentally, it will let YouTube receive a larger chunk of the ad spending that used to flow to more traditional media companies. SocialTimes Google has YouTube studios in Los Angeles, London and Tokyo, but the New York location will have a space called “BrandLab” — a place for brands to mingle with creators. This move highlights the platform’s increasing importance to advertisers, thanks to its reach amongst young people, the clout of its stars and the rush of traditional media to get into the game. The Next Web The treasure trove of video-making kit will include cameras, lights and boom microphones — some of which will be available to loan — as well as permanent and rotating sets, sound stages and post-production facilities.

Facebook Comments: Now With Stickers (Inside Facebook)
Facebook is rolling out support to add stickers (a popular messaging feature) to comments on personal posts, as well as posts in groups and events. This works on both desktop and mobile.

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Hundreds of Dropbox Passwords Leaked, Dropbox Denies It Was Hacked (The Next Web)
A thread surfaced Monday on Reddit that contained links to files containing hundreds of usernames and passwords for Dropbox accounts in plain text, but it’s unclear where they were obtained from. Dropbox, however, said that it is not to blame for the leaked passwords and that these were stolen from other, third-party services.

Reddit General Manager Erik Martin Departs Following $50M Raise (VentureBeat)
Erik Martin, who’s been with Reddit since its early days, has decided to depart from his position as general manager after six years with the company. The move comes weeks after Reddit closed a massive $50 million round of funding from a handful of influential investors. “We’ll be retaining [Martin] as a special advisor on community management issues,” Reddit CEO Yishan Wong said in a statement.

Am I Sick? Google Has a Doctor Waiting on Video (New York Times / Bits)
Google’s “Helpouts” product — a service where people can search for experts and talk to them over video — is running a trial program in which people who are searching for symptoms like pink eye and the common cold can video-chat with a doctor. The company is working with medical groups including Scripps and One Medical, which are “making their doctors available and have verified their credentials,” according to a spokeswoman.