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Debate Sparks #BindersFullofWomen Meme (NBC Chicago)
It was Katherine Fenton, the fourth undecided voter to raise a question at Tuesday night’s town hall-style presidential debate at New York’s Hofstra University, who provided the spark for the latest social media meme of the election season — Binders Full of Women. In response to Fenton’s query about what each candidate would do to rectify inequalities in the workplace, “specifically regarding females making only 72 percent of what their male counterparts earn,” Gov. Mitt Romney recalled his success in increasing gender diversity in his Massachusetts cabinet. USA Today #BindersFullofWomen became a trending topic on Twitter, with a parade of Twitter users making fun of the comment. Also trending was #binders. The Twitter account @Romney’sbinder attracted more than 4,500 followers. Mashable Tweet-wise, the second presidential debate made less of an impact than its Denver predecessor. Throughout the 90-minute showdown, 7.2 million tweets were sent, compared with Denver’s 10.3 million. Twitter Blog Moments that led to the highest amounts of conversation on Twitter were: an audience question to Romney on immigration (109,560 tweets per minute); President Barack Obama’s comment to Romney: “You’re the last person to get tough on China” (108,619 tweets per minute); and Romney’s response to tax rates question (107,386 tweets per minute). The New York Times/The Caucus Social media services like Twitter are often hailed for their ability to rapidly deliver the latest news and opinions to users. But while the networks make a wealth of information available to anyone with a smartphone or a computer, users do not consider all sources of information on a level playing field. AllFacebook Facebook’s political action committee, fbPAC, continued to hit its like button more for Republicans than Democrats in 2012, as CNNMoney reported that GOP politicians raked in $140,000 from the social network through September, compared with $127,000 for Democrats. However, when it comes to individual Facebook employee contributions, Democrats took in $116,300, more than double the GOP haul of $53,700, according to CNNMoney.

LinkedIn Unveils New Profiles, Analytics (SocialTimes)
Continuing its efforts to simplify its user interface and host more content, LinkedIn unveiled a new user profile page design on Tuesday. Among the new features are in-line profile editing and status updates and a larger profile picture. Wired Users can post LinkedIn updates directly from their profile page, and there are new tools to help users engage and connect with their professional network. For example, the right rail has insights on how you relate with your network in terms of interests and skills. AllThingsD Facebook led the charge in visual refreshes about a year ago with its introduction of Timeline, and last month Twitter debuted its revamped profile pages. Even Foursquare is trying to look better these days, making photos a larger focus inside the mobile app.

Woman Slapped With Felony for Posting Photo to Facebook (TechNewsDaily)
A Texas woman has been arrested and charged with a felony for posting a publicly available photo of an undercover police officer to her Facebook profile. According to reports, Melissa Walthall retaliated against the officer for his testimony in a drug case against her friend George Pickens. The Huffington Post At long last, a feminine hygiene manufacturer has taken it upon itself to tell the truth about what periods entail. When the United Kingdom-based company Bodyform, received a snarky message from a dude on its Facebook wall, it didn’t let it go — it responded with an equally snarky video. The Wall Street Journal Facebook’s first engineering center outside of the United States was officially opened Tuesday in London by United Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne. Speaking at the center in the heart of London’s West End, Osborne said, “No British government has worked harder to place technology and innovation at the heart of its policy agenda, and this announcement … is a reflection of that.”