Social Media Newsfeed: Netflix Facebook Sharing | Instagram More Important to Teens

Netflix gives users more power of what they share on Facebook. Report says Instagram is more important to teens than Facebook. These stories, and more, in today's Morning Social Media Newsfeed.

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netflix-150x150Netflix (Finally) Understands You Don’t Want to Share Everything on Facebook (Mashable)
You can now link your Netflix and Facebook accounts without every friend on your social network finding out about your High School Musical obsession. Netflix rolled out new social features Tuesday that give the video service’s subscribers more control over how much of their viewing they share over Facebook and with whom, a departure from the current experience of sharing everything. The Huffington Post/AP Until now, Netflix subscribers linking the service to their Facebook accounts automatically disclosed everything they were watching with a potentially wide-reaching range of people. The company believes the open-ended approach discouraged most Netflix subscribers from connecting their accounts with their Facebook profiles. The Next Web It’s worth emphasizing that the feature is only available when you finish watching a movie or episode (Netflix specifically says “shows” in its announcement, but we confirmed with the company that films are also included). This should, in theory, reduce the chance of being spammed with recommendations by your friends. Ad Age The company, which is experimenting with ways to bolster users’ privacy, is also testing a viewing feature that lets customers hide a program from their history and recommendations. Integration with social media is intended by Netflix to make a solitary activity, watching movies and TV at home, into more of a group event. Friends can see each other’s choices and easily share recommendations. TechCrunch This kind of feature may achieve in one fell swoop the same social TV experience that others have been trying at for years. However, there is a UX issue with typing on many set top boxes and consoles, so that may deter some from searching through hundreds of Facebook friends.

Instagram is More Important than Facebook to Teens (SocialTimes)
While Facebook is still holding strong among teens and millennials, it is no longer the most important social platform for younger users. Instagram has greater prestige compared to Facebook and Twitter, according to a new BI Intelligence report.

YouTube Reaches More 18- to 24-Year-Olds Than Any Cable Network (SocialTimes)
In related news, YouTube is especially valuable to TV advertisers who want to reach millennials, according to the report. The online video platform reached more U.S. adults 18- to 34-years-old than any cable network.

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For Many Brands, Social Media ‘Conversations’ are Only Whispers (VentureBeat)
In the years since it entered marketers’ radar screens, social media marketing has often been described as conducting “conversations.” But the facts just don’t bear that out.

5 Facebook Advertising Tips from Sandi Krakowski (AllFacebook)
Digital marketing expert Sandi Krakowski has shared advice on the Facebook for Business page on launching Facebook pages and creating great content for those pages, and in her latest installment in the social network’s Getting Started series, she turned her attention to advertising on Facebook. Here, Krakowski provides five tips for small and midsized businesses looking to enter the Facebook advertising arena.

RallyPoint, a LinkedIn for Veterans, Battles Unemployment (Re/code)
Despite its rapid growth, RallyPoint faces two major challenges. The first is encouraging active and veteran military members to get on board with social media. Social media accounts were banned on military networks until 2010, giving the military a slow start, says CEO Yinon Weiss, and it has taken a while for active duty and veteran military members to get comfortable online.

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ABC Tweets Premiere of New Show ‘Selfie’ (LostRemote)
ABC is promoting its new show “Selfie” by giving viewers access to the full premiere in their Twitter feeds. The show centers around a social media obsessed Eliza Dooley, a girl with a lot of followers, but no real friends, who decides to rebrand herself in the name of getting some IRL love. It’s all very meta.

Steven Sotloff Beheading: Social Media Users Refuse To Share Video, Images (IBT)
Minutes after reports began circulating Tuesday that American journalist Steven Sotloff had been beheaded by Islamic State militants, social media users and sharing sites urged others to boycott the video and any images of Sotloff’s death. The authenticity of the video could not immediately be confirmed.

Robin Williams’ Daughter Returns to Twitter (AllTwitter)
Indeed, Robin Williams’ daughter Zelda was subjected to such repeat harassment and bullying on Twitter that she stepped away from Twitter entirely. Williams returned to Twitter, with a heartfelt quote that she shared from her Tumblr blog.

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