Social Media Newsfeed: New Twitter Apps | NBC-Facebook Partnership | Dropbox Ups Storage

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New Twitter Apps are Here: Push Notifications From Your Favorite Tweeters, Better Expanded Tweets, More (TechCrunch)
Twitter added more features for iOS and Android Tuesday, allowing users to receive push notifications from tweeters they select, giving users the ability to expand tweets on their phone, improving search results and supposedly providing a better user experience for events. Wired The most interesting feature is probably beefed-up support for push notifications tied to particular accounts. So, for example, you could set up a push notification for your local news channel, a feed like @Emergency_In_SF, or any other source that you want to monitor with vigilance. AllThingsD These are small details, yes. But it’s yet another signal that Twitter is taking charge of its official applications, incorporating features that many have sought in outside clients that emulate the Twitter stream. Los Angeles Times Twitter chief executive Dick Costolo said the short message social network has a “truckload of money in the bank” and would remain a private company for as long as it wants. In an interview with Los Angeles Times staff members on Tuesday, Costolo reiterated that the company has no reason to go public. The market for initial public offerings, especially in the wake of Facebook’s fiasco, has been weak. The Next Web Already enjoying more than 140 million users on its service, Twitter Tuesday announced a partnership with chip maker MediaTek which will see its service embedded on millions of “smart feature phone” devices all over the world. As part of the deal, MediaTek will preload the Twitter feature phone application in its MRE middleware, providing a reference design for mobile handsets.

NBC and Facebook to Announce Olympics Partnership (The New York Times)
Users of Facebook, later this summer, will be reminded about NBC’s coverage of the Olympic Games in London. And viewers of NBC’s coverage, at the same time, will be nudged to talk about the Games on Facebook. San Francisco Chronicle Alice Van Ness, a yoga teacher who objected to a Facebook employee using a cellphone during class, was fired last month after managers at the fitness contractor she worked for explained that saying “no” to Facebook employees is a no-no. “We are in the business of providing great customer service,” said her termination notice from Plus One Health Management. “Unless a client requires us to specifically say no to something, we prefer to say yes whenever possible. New York Post With Facebook stepping up its courtship of the media business, the buzz is building that co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is eyeing Hulu chief Jason Kilar for a top job. Sources say that Zuck “likes” Kilar, a well-respected Internet executive with deep ties to big media players, and has designs on him for a senior role.

Dropbox Doubles Pro Storage for Same Price (PC Magazine)
Dropbox on Tuesday announced an upgrade to its Pro plans that doubles the amount of storage without a price hike. The move upgrades Pro users with 50GB and 100GB accounts to 100GB and 200GB, respectively.

Oracle Adds To Social Media Marketing Portfolio With Involver Acquisition (AllFacebook)
Oracle added to its social media portfolio Tuesday, announcing its acquisition of social markup language platform Involver, which follows its addition of Vitrue in May. Oracle said in a statement on its website: “Involver’s SML technology is expected to extend Oracle’s social platform to help customers more easily and cost-effectively collaborate and build engaging applications and social experiences across their social campaigns and sites.”

Google+ Adds iPad Support in Latest App Update (Mashable)
Google+ is now available on the iPad, with Tuesday’s release of the latest version of its iOS app. Previously only offering support for iPhone, the new app will allow users to do Google+ Hangouts from their iPad as well. It also supports Google+ Events — a potentially useful feature where users can pool and display event photos. SocialTimes The White House is hosting a Google+ Hangout on Air at 3:15 p.m. EDT on Thursday to discuss mortgage refinancing options with homeowners. Topics include the Home Affordable Refinancing Program and President Barack Obama’s proposed plan to simplify refinancing options for homeowners who are current on their mortgage payments, even if their loans are underwater.

Amazon, With Suppliers, is Testing a Smartphone (CNET) is working with component suppliers in Asia to test a smartphone, people familiar with the situation said, suggesting that the Internet retail giant, which sells the Kindle Fire tablet computers, is considering broadening its mobile-device offerings. Executives at some of Amazon’s parts suppliers, who declined to be named, said the Seattle-based company is testing a smartphone and mass production of the new device may start late this year or early next year.

Foursquare Helps Magazine and Radio Station Sell Ads (Adweek)
Lifestyle magazine Urbanite and public radio station WTMD, each local entities in Baltimore, say Foursquare helps sell traditional advertising. The media brands have teamed up to create a contest-based geosocial game dubbed “The Great Baltimore Check-In,” which they are packaging with print ads, website promotions and radio plugs.

New Mom Battling Cancer Tells Her Story in YouTube Series (Mashable)
A new mom battling aggressive cancer is sharing her fight with the world, through a 10-episode YouTube documentary, “Baby, It’s Cancer,” created by CafeMomStudios. She has undergone emergency surgery followed by 18 weeks of chemotherapy and says she finds inspiration through her new baby girl.

Zynga’s Mark Pincus Says Focus More on Content, Less on Investing in Platforms (VentureBeat)
One of the major issues with the mobile ecosystem today is that developers are still separated from the app store, insists Zynga founder Mark Pincus. “We need to be more interconnected with each other as an industry,” Pincus said at VentureBeat’s MobileBeat-GamesBeat 2012 conference in San Francisco, Calif. “We need channels so that many more games can be discovered.”