Social Media Newsfeed: Medium Launch | Klout Revamp | Facebook Data Center

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Twitter Founders Want to Reinvent Digital Publishing – Again (Mashable)
Twitter founders Ev Williams and Biz Stone want to shake up the digital publishing world with their latest venture, Medium. The pair, who also worked together on Blogger, announced the new platform Tuesday. GigaOM The new collaborative publishing tool lets people contribute as much or as little as they want to themed “collections” of content. The idea, the founders said in a blog post, is that people should be able to publish without “the burden of becoming a blogger” and worrying about developing an audience. The Next Web The platform has a grid-based layout and appears to fall somewhere between Twitter and Blogger as an option for content creators. The interface for photographs is especially gorgeous, taking up the full window with the image and relegating chrome to the corners of the screen. TechCrunch Anyone can read and give feedback on Medium entries now, with publishing access to roll out from friends and family to more people soon. To start, there are four collections. VentureBeat
The big question is, does the Internet have room for one more publishing platform? And if it does, is Medium the lucky one out of a sea of competing products?

Klout Revamps, Delivers Reality Check (The Wall Street Journal)
Klout, a startup that assigns people a score based on their online influence, is adjusting its pecking order to better account for the real world. The San Francisco, Calif.-based startup is updating its algorithm to account for 300 new inputs, including some designed to recognize a person’s offline importance. PC Magazine Klout’s three-part plan begins by growing the number of social media signals it analyzes from less than 100 to more than 400, as well as building up the amount of daily data points examined from 1 billion to 12 billion, all of which help deliver a more accurate score. Your Klout score is a number between one and 100, which represents data from all of your social network activity, including Facebook mentions, likes, comments, wall posts and friends; Twitter retweets, mentions, followers and replies; and activity on Google+, LinkedIn and Foursquare. Wired If you happen to be the subject of a Wikipedia page and that page has a high Google PageRank score, your Klout score will go up. President Barack Obama’s score went from 94 to 99 because his Wikipedia page is more influential, but Justin Bieber’s dropped from a perfect 100 to 92.

Facebook Eyes Expansion of Oregon Data Center (AllFacebook)
Facebook filed an application with the city of Prineville, Ore., to construct a new data center near the 334,000-square-foot facility it opened in April 2011 and the twin building it is erecting next door. The Bulletin of Bend, Ore., reported that the proposed new data center is much smaller than its predecessors, at about 62,000 square feet, according to Facebook spokesman Lee Weinstein.

Study: Obama Tops Romney in Online Activity (USA Today)
President Obama is far more active online than Mitt Romney, and so are his followers, says a study of the digital presidential campaign out Tuesday. But most of the conversation goes one way: Neither campaign prominently features digital content posted by its followers and supporters, the study from the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism concludes.

How to Create and Share Infographics for Free (SocialTimes)
They’re colorful, they’re informative, and they fit snugly into your WordPress blog without any help from you. We’re talking about infographics. Here’s where to go to design them for free and then share them with the world.