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The iPad Mini Will Be Less of Everything (Mashable)
Most pundits believe Apple’s 7-inch tablet, the iPad Mini, will see light of day on Oct. 17. Now with the date fast approaching, they’ve switched gears to guessing when the event invites will go out. According to Fortune‘s Philip Elmer-DeWitt, a major Apple investor claims to have heard from multiple sources that members of the press will receive invitations to an Apple event on Oct. 10. History suggests that this would mean that the actual event would have to take place on Oct. 17 and that whatever’s announced would likely hit shelves on the Friday of the following week, which would be Oct. 26. CNET The iPad Mini is already in production according to a new report. Citing an anonymous source, Japanese Apple blog Macotakara Monday said that production of the product is under way in a “Brazilian factory.” WebProNews Even if this rumor turns out to be based on nothing in reality, it’s likely to be close to the truth. There isn’t much time left before the holiday shopping season begins, and an announcement in the next five to six weeks is all but certain. Fortune Apple has not commented on the rumor, which is not surprising given that the company has never uttered a word in public — one way or the other — about its future tablet product plans.

Zuckerberg Meets With Medvedev in a Crucial Market (The New York Times)
The hoodie stayed back at the hotel when Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, met Russia’s prime minister and former president, Dmitri A. Medvedev, on Monday. Zuckerberg also visited Red Square — in his hoodie — ate at McDonald’s and helped judge a competition for Russian programmers under way in Moscow in his first visit to Russia, a country that is in important ways pivotal for Facebook. Reuters Medvedev told Zuckerberg that Russia’s IT industry was as promising an area for investment as its natural resources sectors. Communication minister Nikolai Nikoforov, who also attended the meeting, said a plan for a Facebook research center in Russia was discussed. AllFacebook In an exclusive interview with CNBC, Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg touched on several topics, including the social network’s initial public offering and share price slump; the company’s mobile issues; skepticism over advertising on social networks; new business opportunities for Facebook; privacy; and the economy. BetaBeat Carsabi, a comparison shopping site for cars that graduated from Y Combinator this March, just announced that its co-founders would be joining Mark Zuckerberg to “help Facebook users connect and share.” Facebook isn’t actually acquiring Carsabi, just the talent.

YouTube’s Slick New TV Mode Lets You Browse From the Keyboard or Your Phone (Mashable)
YouTube has quietly rolled out what looks like major update to its YouTube Leanback program, making it easier for users to watch and control videos on a big screen. The new mode, accessible via, allows users to more easily control the YouTube experience from a TV or large monitor. VentureBeat AOL has signed an agreement with YouTube to bring a slew of its original video content to the site, the company announced Monday. Under the agreement, AOL will be launching 22 branded YouTube channels for its various properties. The Next Web President Barack Obama and Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney will be going head-to-head over the next month as they take part in four highly-anticipated televised debates. However, YouTube announced Monday that for the first time these clashes, which will be pivotal for each candidate’s presidential campaign, will be broadcast live and unaltered through the YouTube Elections Hub.

Twitter Says it’s OK to Sell Ads on Your Profile Background (AllTwitter)
Twitter has officially given its thumbs-up to publishers who want to use their Twitter background as advertising space. AdAge reports that Twitter has confirmed that it doesn’t go against their rules if you want to put up ads behind your tweets.

Gala Darling: How to Spice Up Your Blog’s ‘About’ Page (SocialTimes)
Gala Darling, a lifestyle, fashion and radical self-love blogger, gave tips to participants at NEPABlogCon, a social media conference in northeastern Pennsylvania, this weekend on how to write an effective, intriguing “about” page. “On the Internet, we write our own myths. We are our own legends,” she said.

Police: Kara Alongi’s Twitter Hoax Sparked a Social Media Flurry That ‘Hampered’ Investigation (
The New Jersey teenager who tweeted Sunday night that someone broke into her home and begged followers to call 911 does not appear to have been in any real danger, police now say. It was a hoax, but with the help of social media — particularly Twitter — it was a hoax that ensnared hundreds of thousands of people.

Google Said to be Buying Viewdle for About $45 Million (Bloomberg Businessweek)
Google is close to buying facial-recognition software maker Viewdle for about $45 million, according to two people familiar with the matter. Viewdle’s 36 employees, mostly based in the Ukraine, will join Google, said the people, who asked not to be named because the deal has yet to be made public.

Ping, Apple’s Failed Music-Focused Social Network, is Officially Closed (The Verge)
Ping, Apple’s iTunes-based social network was first announced at the company’s annual fall music event in 2010, but it completely failed to gain traction with users. Now, the company has mercifully shut down Ping for good, just as announced a few weeks ago.

Tumblr’s David Karp Goes into Pitchman Mode for Advertisers (GigaOM)
For someone who was once so disdainful of advertising, Tumblr founder David Karp seems to have really come around. On stage Monday during an Advertising Week event in New York, the CEO spoke in superlatives, telling marketers about the “extraordinary,” “brave new world” Tumblr and its digital peers are building for advertising.