Social Media Newsfeed: Google Inbox Invite | Twitter Change

Google gives users one hour to request access to Inbox. Twitter makes it easier to send a tweet. These stories, and more, in today's Morning Social Media Newsfeed.

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google_logo-150x150Want an Invite to Google’s Inbox? Now’s the Time to Act (CNET)
If you’ve been itching to give Google Inbox a spin but have been held back by the lack of an invitation to try the free email app, Wednesday was the time to act. The Web giant opened up an invitation-request window Wednesday in which prospective users had one hour to request an invite to the app, which Google unveiled last month. Business Insider Google announced via Twitter Wednesday that it would be handing out invites to anyone interested, but only between 6 and 7 p.m. ET. Re/code Inbox solves a lot of common email issues. It also throws in some cool extra features that are so useful that you’ll wonder how you survived email without them. ReadWrite Google has a history of shackling new services to an invitation-only scheme, which seems to work well for the company. When Gmail was an infant email service, for instance, invitations were in such high demand, they became status symbols. TechCrunch Keep in mind that only personal Gmail accounts can access the Inbox while in beta, so even if your work email is run through Google Apps, you won’t be able to sign up, at least for the time being.

Twitter Makes it Marginally Easier to Send a Tweet from (The Next Web)
Announced, fittingly enough, via a tweet, Twitter is now making it a little easier for you to to type out your latest thoughts: “It just got easier to Tweet on You can now compose new Tweets at the top of your home timeline.” — Twitter (@twitter) November 5, 2014

Fusion Launches New Instagram Series ‘In Our Lifetime’ (SocialTimes)
While many news organizations and brands repackage content for social media, Fusion is among those getting into the business of platform-specific content. This month, Fusion launched a new Instagram series called “In Our Lifetime.”

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Five Hyperlocal Startups to Watch (Street Fight)
Local startups are everywhere these days, as entrepreneurs attempt to gain a foothold in the growing market. At the Street Fight Summit on Tuesday afternoon, startup investor and mentor Laurel Touby quizzed five founders about their plans for world domination and developing a viable business model to support it.

WhatsApp Lets Users Know When Messages Are Read (AllFacebook)
Users of Facebook-owned cross-platform messaging application WhatsApp can now tell when their messages have been read. Reader Matteo Gamba shared a screenshot.

Social Media Gains Momentum in Online Education (U.S. News & World Report)
In his University of Hawaii online course, Introduction to e-Learning, associate professor Michael Menchaca requires his students to introduce themselves to each other by creating 15-second videos on Instagram. Later in the semester, students “meet” to discuss their group projects using Google Hangouts. Twitter is popular in his classes, too, enabling students to share resources and engage in discussions, Menchaca says.

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Here’s Why @Beyonce Doesn’t Use #Twitter (AllTwitter)
Beyoncé Knowles has almost 14 million Twitter followers but has only tweeted eight times in more than five years. Her last tweet was in August 2013.

Tourist Plunges to Her Death While Taking Selfie on Landmark Bridge (BetaBeat)
Tragically, yet another selfie has turned fatal. A 23-year-old nursing student from Poland died while attempting a selfie on the iconic Puente de Triana bridge in southern Spain.

MTVOther Launches YouTube Series ‘Braless’ (LostRemote)
MTVOther, an offshoot of MTV that posts “Short Shows, Random Weirdness” launched a new series called “Braless.” The show is written and hosted by Laci Green and focuses on feminism and politics in three-minute installments.

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