Social Media Newsfeed: Facebook World Cup Check-Ins | Google+ Evolution

Facebook releases visualization of check-ins at World Cup, showing U.S. tops results. At Google developer conference, barely a mention of Google+. These stories, and more, in today's Morning Social Media Newsfeed.

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WorldCup2World Cup: Everything You Wanted To Know About Facebook Check-Ins From Brazil (AllFacebook)
The Facebook Data Science Team turned its attention to check-ins at 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, studying how many users of the social network checked in at the various World Cup cities in Brazil between June 2 and 16, where they came from, and who they are. The information is presented in a visualization, with each arc representing the journeys of 20 Facebook users who traveled from their home cities (represented in blue) to World Cup cities (in red), with the size of circles dependent on the number of check-ins. USA Today Facebook analyzed check-ins by non Brazilians in World Cup stadiums to offer a selective look at the traveling fan base. U.S. visitors accounted for the most activity, followed by North American neighbors Mexico, then Colombia, Chile and Argentina. Inside Facebook If you’ve logged onto Facebook lately, you’ve probably seen at least one post about the World Cup. Facebook recently said that there has been more than 459 million interactions about the World Cup — greater than the Super Bowl, Oscars and Sochi Olympics combined.

If Google+ had a ‘Meh’ Button, Google Pressed it Yesterday (VentureBeat)
During the keynote at Google’s I/O developer conference Wednesday, Google+ didn’t get a single mention as far as we noticed. Just a single break-out session carried Google+ in its title — about using the service to sign in to websites — giving it less prominence than, say, Glass, Nest, robotics, and something called the cloud.

How to Maximize the Value of Video for Your Business [Infographic] (SocialTimes)
So often those without a video background aren’t able to maximize the benefits of the platform for teaching, and more importantly, marketing. KZO Innovations has identified four pillars that need to be upheld to get the most out of integrating video with your business.

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How to Take Photos of Fireworks (CNET)
Taking photos of fireworks is not as difficult as you might think. Rather than pointing your smartphone or dSLR toward the sky and hoping for the best, keep these tips in mind before setting off to watch the holiday light show.

Twitter-Powered Rainbow Flag to Wave Over World Pride Festivities (AllTwitter)
The Toronto PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) organization has installed a Twitter-powered flag to oversee the 2014 World Pride festivities. Positive and negative tweets make the flag raise up and lower down in real-time.

Twitter Launches Ramadan ‘Hashflags’ (The Guardian)
Twitter has introduced its second set of “hashflags” for users observing Ramadan and celebrating Eid, following from the state-specific flags introduced during the World Cup. Users of the service tweeting #Ramadan or #Eid in Arabic or English will see special icons – a crescent moon and Arabic calligraphy, respectively – next to the tags.

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Supreme Court Rules Against Aereo (LostRemote)
TVSpy reports the Supreme Court has ruled 6-3 against Aereo, in favor of broadcasters, putting the streaming TV service’s existence in serious jeopardy. In the ruling, the high court “goes out out of its way to make clear that its ruling does not endanger other technologies,” according to SCOTUSBlog.

Here’s What Facebook’s Workforce Looks Like (Quartz)
Facebook just joined the growing wave of Silicon Valley companies voluntarily reporting their diversity data. And like its peers, the company’s workforce is heavily male, with very few Hispanic and black employees.

Surviving the Facebook Reach Decline [Infographic] (SocialTimes)
While marketers have seen declines in organic reach on Facebook since earlier this year, Facebook will reportedly diminish Page reach to as low as 1 percent in the near future. To keep fans engaged and expand reach despite being rendered nearly invisible on the Facebook newsfeed, consider the following four tips for revamping your digital strategy by Offerpop.

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