Social Media Newsfeed: Facebook Mobile | Klout Perks | Obama’s ‘Empty Binder’

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Facebook Makes Mobile App Install Ads Available to All Developers (AllFacebook)
Facebook announced Wednesday that the mobile application install ads it introduced in beta in August are now available to all developers. The social network said in a post on its developer blog announcing the ad units’ availability that TinyCo experienced 50 percent higher click-through rates and “significantly higher conversion rates” compared with its current mobile channels, along with a “significant increase” in player engagement. Adweek Facebook also let some of its Preferred Marketing Developers in on the test: AdParlor saw 1 to 2 percent clickthrough rates, while Nanigans’ mobile app ads averaged $0.18-$0.60 cost-per-click rates with at times 3 percent or higher clickthrough rates. Business Insider Here’s how it works: Developers place ads on Facebook’s website and its mobile apps. When users install their apps, developers pay a fee. TechCrunch The mobile app install ads let developers buy tiles that promote their apps in the Facebook mobile news feed. When tapped, these instantly open the Apple App Store or Google Play market where users can download apps. Inside Facebook Facebook Wednesday announced the launch of “global pages,” a new structure that allows international brands to maintain a single fan page with localized experiences for users in different countries. Global pages have a unified “like” and “people talking about this” count, but the language, profile image, cover photo, posts and tabs can differ by region.

Klout Makes Perks Easier to Claim (Mashable)
Klout announced several enhancements to its Perks program Wednesday, including an update to its iPhone app as well as a new Passbook card. Perks on the site, which range from free products to early access to websites, are also now more catered to individual users. VentureBeat Members can choose to add a “Klout Card” to Passbook in the latest version of the app. The card displays a person’s name, phone and score, and includes a QR code that he or she can use at places providing Klout members with special access or services. The Official Klout Blog According to a Klout blog post, “500px — a Toronto-based photo community that lets you discover, share, buy and sell photographs — is the first partner to embrace our KloutPass SDK. Based on your Klout score, you can receive savings off of your premium 500px account, up to 100 percent.”

GOP Responds to ‘Binders Full of Women’ Meme With ‘Obama’s Empty Binder’
(The Daily Dot)
The GOP released an image of an empty binder to its Facebook page, titled “Obama’s Second-Term Agenda,” Wednesday afternoon. Within two hours, it had gained nearly 20,000 likes and more than 1,000 comments — most of them critical of the president. Lost Remote Twitter during Tuesday night’s presidential debate looked like a conversation at a VIP table at a restaurant, with a number of “names” tweeting about the debate and at one another, while all many “normal” folks could do is just sit back and watch. Twitter is a powerful tool for broadcasting, but the debate showed that when it comes to big events, it may not be the optimal solution for interacting with the audience. AP The debate was the top political event of all time in social media and placed third among the top social media events of any kind, bested only by this year’s Grammy Awards and MTV Video Music Awards. The first presidential debate, on Oct. 3, placed fifth. NPR/The Picture Show Instagram has become a way to document ongoing stories — and photojournalists on the campaign trail are doing just that. Using hashtags such as #aponthetrail, #RNC2012, #DNC2012, #campaign2012 and #2012unfiltered, photojournalists are sharing the story of the campaign, both through traditional news-style photos, as well as more off-beat imagery.

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