Social Media Newsfeed: Election Day | Instagram Profiles | Foursquare ‘Magic’

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Facebook Helps Voters Get to the Polls On Election Day Today (Mashable)
Facebook is hoping their site can guide people in the United States to the polls this Election Day. The social network has built a polling place locator tool, so today, users can easily figure out where to head to cast a ballot. The New York Times/Bits Blog The Facebook apps of the Obama and Romney campaigns inhale a lot of information about you and your friends. Like many apps on Facebook, they gather your Facebook ‘likes’ and locations, along with your Facebook friends’ ‘likes’ and locations. Although 2012 was championed as the year of “The Twitter Election,” the Twitterverse turned out to be a cold, cruel place. Mistakes became memes, blunders gave birth to parody accounts with huge followings, and at least in Paul Ryan’s case, good looks became a talking point. VentureBeat Today, Americans will vote for a president, new or continuing. Social media users, however, have already decided who has won — at least in their tweets, shares, and likes. ReadWrite The Pew Research Center reports 25 percent of social media participants who read about political issues online become more active, and 16 percent change their view after reading about it online. According to analysis of more than 1.7 million social media posts by the marketing company Vocus, the top campaign issues discussed online are taxes, education, budget, health care, economy and abortion.

Instagram Brings User Profiles to the Desktop (SocialTimes)
Mobile photo-sharing service Instagram is finally letting community members see their profiles on the Web. The company will be rolling out the changes to all users in the next few days. CNET The new profiles feature a dynamic cover photo — a collage made up of your most recent photos — and a profile pic resting to the left of it. It also includes a bio and the user’s number of photos, followers and the number of followed users. ABC News When Superstorm Sandy hit the East Coast last week, many people reached for their phones to document the aftermath. According to CEO and co-founder Kevin Systrom, nearly 1 million Instagram photos were uploaded with the hashtag #Sandy.

Foursquare Adds Some ‘Magic’ to its Explore Functionality in iOS, and it’s a Completely Fresh Approach (TechCrunch)
Monday, the Foursquare iOS app got an update to tell you a new story — a list of places to go based on where you and your friends actually like to go. It also adds a rating system between one and 10 based on interesting information everyone has pumped into the system.

A Beautiful Design and No Jerks: How Tumblr Did it (GigaOM)
Tumblr has become a wildly popular forum for people to share pictures, stories and news within a happy and supportive community. CEO David Karp shared some insight on how this is possible on a large scale.

Two-Step Guide To Listening On Social Media [Infographic] (AllTwitter)
This infographic from Awareness Inc.’s Mike Lewis shows a simple two-step process to better social listening, so you can tap in to the conversations happening about your brand. Using an example of a marathon runner in the market for new shoes, Lewis walks you through the stages of effectively listening to what your customers have to say on social media.

Pandora Sues Over Songwriter Fees, Asks Court to Establish ‘Reasonable’ Licensing (The Verge)
Pandora Monday filed a lawsuit against the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers in a bid to lower the licensing fees it pays out to songwriters, composers and publishers to stream their music. The suit follows more than a year of failed discussions between the two sides to reach a new rate, with Pandora now asking a U.S. District Court in New York to implement a blanket licensing fee that would cover all work under ASCAP’s representation.