Social Media Newsfeed: Bulgarian Blogger | Hurricane Sandy | Social Campaiging

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Bulgarian Blogger Buys Data for 1.1 Million Facebook Users for $5 (VentureBeat)
A Bulgarian digital rights activist is the proud owner of your Facebook name, username and email address. Bogomil Shopov bought this information for 1.1 million Facebook users for $5. The Huffington Post According to a cached version of the for-sale page on Gigbucks, the information was harvested mostly from English-speaking Facebook users in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Europe. A long list of satisfied customers near the bottom of the page bears witness to the information’s accuracy. ReadWrite Shopov said he had been contacted by Facebook’s Platform Policy Team after revealing on his blog that he had acquired the list. He said officials with the social network were upset because they feared his public revelation would upend an internal investigation. After getting wind of the transaction, Facebook said it would investigate how the data entries were obtained. “We have dedicated security engineers and teams that look into and take aggressive action on reports like those raised here,” a Facebook statement read. The Wall Street Journal A man who claimed he owned a major stake in Facebook was arrested on Friday and charged in what federal prosecutors described was a multibillion dollar scheme to defraud the social network site and its founder Mark Zuckerberg. Paul Ceglia allegedly “doctored, fabricated and destroyed evidence” to support his false claim that he was promised a 50 percent share in Facebook by Zuckerberg, according to a criminal complaint unsealed in Manhattan, New York City, federal court on Friday. AllFacebook Earlier this year, a 101-year-old woman from Menlo Park, Calif. (in Facebook’s neighborhood) was crowned the oldest user on the social network. However, according to ABC News, a 105-year-old woman from New Mexico is the rightful owner of the title.

Google Creates Crisis Map, Cancels Android Event for Hurricane Sandy (SocialTimes)
Google has created a crisis map to track Hurricane Sandy as it brings strong winds and dangerously high tides from Virginia to Massachusetts beginning today. The company has also cancelled its Android event that was scheduled for today in New York City. PC Magazine Facebook is putting the kibosh on two events it was planning in Manhattan this week. The first is a Tuesday engineering open house that was planned for the social networking site’s New York headquarters in Midtown. And, more importantly, its larger Gifts event at FAO Schwartz is now off too. AFP On Twitter, #Sandy was one of the top trending topics in cities and areas on the predicted pathway of the storm as nervous residents looked for the latest news and posted links to useful websites on how to stay safe.

Presidential Candidates Urge Voters to Get on Facebook (Mashable)
With less than two weeks until Election Day, both presidential candidates are making last-ditch efforts to mobilize their constituencies — to get on Facebook. Both President Barack Obama and GOP contender Mitt Romney are hoping their supporters use their own social networks to lift momentum for their respective campaigns.

Anonymous Takes Aim at Zynga (CNET)
Hacktivist group Anonymous apparently is perturbed by the financial situation at Zynga. A posting on the AnonNews site posits that layoffs at Zynga will help to bring about the “end of the US game market as we know it” as jobs get shipped overseas, a plan that the AnonNews report says was discovered in confidential files leaked from the games maker.

Google Maps Gets a Makeover [VIDEO] (Mashable)
Google Maps has gotten a fresh new look, adding some “visual improvements” to its design. The application now lets users get a clearer view of natural geography by showing terrain and color gradations to illustrate vegetation. It also includes labels for natural land formations.

Givers Take to Social Media to Find Causes (The Wall Street Journal)
From Facebook posts to Twitter feeds, charities are embracing social media as a tool to find, engage and keep donors long after the first check is written. But all that sharing, if not done wisely, can leave givers vulnerable to fraud.

Where Can I Find Great Content to Tweet? (AllTwitter)
Here’s a question that most Twitter newbies will ask at least once in utter exasperation: how do people tweet so much? How do you find 10 great articles, two pictures and one cool quote to share each and every single day? It’s impossible!

Amazon Gets Feisty, Updates Homepage to Talk Smack on the iPad Mini (TechCrunch)
Competition in the low-cost tablet space has been heating up for a while now thanks to strong new hardware from the likes of Asus, Google and Barnes & Noble, but it seems the time has come for the Kindle Fire hucksters at Amazon to go on the offensive against a very prominent rival: Apple’s iPad mini. The company has recently given its homepage a facelift with a very prominent comparison between the 7-inch Kindle Fire HD and the iPad mini sitting right at the top.

Justin Bieber Fans Shave Heads After Internet Cancer Hoax (The Daily Dot)
Hoards and hoards of Justin Bieber devotees got thrown for a loop this week after a couple bad apples on the Internet had the brilliant idea to start a rumor that the pop prince had cancer. The hoax, Reddit attests, began Tuesday night when a 4channer used something to the tune of the Fake Tweet Builder to generate a tweet supposedly sent from Entertainment Tonight’s verified account.