Social Media Newsfeed: Biz Stone on Jelly & Super| Trending on Twitter

Biz Stone talks about the failure of his Jelly app and his hopes for Super. How to find out what's trending on Twitter in your industry. These stories, and more, in today's Morning Social Media Newsfeed.

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Twitter Cofounder Biz Stone on Jelly’s Failure, His Hopes for His New App, Super (Mashable)
Biz Stone, who was in Austin for SXSW, sat down with Mashable ahead of his panel Saturday to talk about Super, how an app becomes successful and why Jelly failed. The problem with Jelly, which was premised on the idea that people can answer certain types of questions far better than a search engine, was not enough people had questions to satisfy users’ desire to answer. Macworld Switching gears and not being afraid to fail were the reoccurring themes of Stone’s session on Saturday, “Biz Stone on Creativity and Redefining Success.” On stage, he openly discussed the story of Jelly, admitting defeat without any shame — because it was that failure that lead to the birth of his new app, Super. Benzinga Stone was on CNBC Friday to discuss what makes Dick Costolo such a good fit for the company. “I have drinks with Dick a lot; we are neighbors, and we are good friends, and the reason why Evan [Williams] and I hired Dick in the first place is because we admire his leadership skills,” Stone said. “We have known him from at least 15 years, and we have known him to be a great leader, a really funny guy and that was always a key hiring personality [at] Twitter was, ‘Are they funny?’”

Three Tools That Will Show You What’s Trending on Twitter in Your Industry (SocialTimes)
There are tools out there that can make it easier for you to discover what’s popular right now in your niche or industry. We’ve rounded up three of the best.

For SXSW Marketers, Smartphone Apps are Yesterday’s News. Wearables Are What Matter. (Adweek)
If Roberto Moctezuma was trying to launch a mobile startup just a few years ago, he’d only have to think about use cases involving iPhones and Samsung Galaxies. But as he demonstrated his three-month-old app called ThereThere at South by Southwest this weekend, everyone wanted to know how it will work on Apple Watch, Samsung Gear and other wearable devices.

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Meerkat’s CEO Isn’t Worried About Twitter Limiting its Access – it Has Plenty of Ways to Grow (The Next Web)
When news broke that Twitter was limiting hot live-streaming app Meerkat’s access to its social graph, mere hours after confirming it had acquired yet-to-launch rival Periscope, there was a near-audible gasp across the media and tech community that has taken Meerkat to its hearts this month. So what does Meerkat do next? I met up with CEO Ben Rubin at SXSW to find out.

Facebook, Loop Transportation OK Teamsters Pact for Shuttle-Bus Drivers (SocialTimes)
The tale of the Facebook shuttle-bus drivers may have a happy ending after all, as Facebook and contractor Loop Transportation agreed to a contract negotiated by Teamsters Local 853, USA Today reported. The contract addresses issues including higher wages ($27.50 per hour, up from $18), better benefits and a shift differential to compensate drivers for working split shifts covering the morning and evening rush hours, according to USA Today.

Yahoo Shows Off Password-Free Logins and New Encrypted Email Technology (The Verge)
Yahoo is taking a new approach, called “on demand” passwords. Like two-step authentication, you’ll be sent a unique time-sensitive code through an app or a text message to your phone when you want to log in. But there’s a key step missing: you won’t have to type in your primary password first.

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‘Love,’ ‘Hate,’ ‘Happy,’ and ‘Crazy’: How Fans Reacted on Twitter to ‘The Bachelor’ Season 19 Finale (LostRemote)
113,937 of 357,208 tweets (Nielsen Social) were emotional reactions. 30 percent of the emotional reactions included the word “love,” and 21 percent included “hate.” Chris’s pick was clearly divisive. The show’s top moment was when Chris ultimately chose Whitney – and fans were, for the most part, happy about that.