‘Social Media Monthly’ is the First Printed Social Media Magazine

Social media gets ultimate validation by going print. Cold Blue Company LLC released first print magazine dedicated to social media.

Social media gets — as if it needed it — some traditional validation by going print. Cold Blue Company releases their first print magazine, “Social Media Monthly”, dedicated to social media.

While publications are progressively going digital, there is still a certain something about holding a print magazine between one’s fingers. Social media news and analysis pieces have been given a print outlet with the release of a new magazine. Washington based technology group, The Cool Blue Company, LLC dedicates new magazine to exploring social media. Robert Fine is the founder of the group; he has seventeen plus years experiences as a systems and sales engineer with companies such as Hughes Network Systems and Global Strategy &Development at Conservation International. He has founded Cool blue Company, LLC while also pursuing is PhD from George Mason University. His area of interest lies in linking investments in information technology and conservation outcomes.

The first issue of Social Media Monthly is available nationally from Barnes and Noble and internationally in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Germany Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark. In true form, it is also downloadable as an app from the iTunes story.

According to an article on Technorati by Holly Matheson in May, early editions of Social Media Monthly’s first issue received positive feedback. Fine noted:  “We’re ecstatic with the positive responses we’ve received so far, and look forward to getting our second issue into production

Social Media Monthly is the first printed magazine to center content exclusively on social media. The first issue features a cover by artist Yiying Lu – known for her “Fail Whale” drawings used by Twitter and the “Pale Whale” with Conan O’Brien. The cover also has a nifty removable wall graphic designed by Lu who co-founded Walls360.

The magazine features articles by social media heavyweights such as Simon Mainwaring, Beverly Macy and Shelly Kramer. According to Fine, interest in the magazine is already growing: “”We’re very excited about our upcoming second issue. Our retail orders have increased 20% from the launch issue, and Canada now becomes our ninth country for international distribution”

In addition, the second issue, due out in October, will feature a cover design by JESS3,  and it will begin to introduce monthly columns which focus on social media start-ups.

Some experts feel it is counter-intuitive for a social media focused magazine to be issued in print; Hank Campbell of Science 2.0 notes: “I am basically speechless that a venture capitalist funded this idea – I’d sooner fund a magazine devoted to dancing about architecture.   But if you want to read about social media on the train instead of just doing social media on the train, go to Barnes&Noble and get a copy.”

Mr. Campbell seems to have a point: isn’t it backward to have a print magazine talk about social media?  Yet, there is something both validating and important about having print mediums (newspapers, magazines, newsletters) dedicated to any subject – not just social media. Some would argue that print is dying a slow and agonizing death and that social media is one of the weapons used to kill it. However, others still see the value of print for considered pieces on particular subjects. Social Media Monthly clearly falls in the latter category.