Social Media Marketing Boot Camp Starts Tomorrow

The newest Social Media Marketing Boot Camp is starting tomorrow, and I have to say that the speakers and itinerary are really incredible.  We’ve had a big success on the past few boot camps, and now with our relationship with Inside Network we’re able to centralize a lot of experts from a variety of fields.  Sign up now and get in on it.

My favorite session is definitely going to be the Lessons Learned from Viral Video, with YouTube’s own trends manager, Kevin Allocca.  Check out more about it below!

Lessons Learned from Viral Video
What makes a video turn into a sensation that millions of viewers watch and share? What are the lessons you can draw as you create video content on social platforms? YouTube Trends Manager Kevin Allocca, who reports on trends related to the most shared videos on YouTube, provides his insights into what drives video views on YouTube. Learn how some of the most innovative digital advertisers have succeeded in video, and apply those lessons to your own work.