Social Media Marketing Boot Camp Preview: What to Measure and Why

For eight weeks starting March 23, Mediabistro will be hosting the Social Media Marketing Boot Camp, an online conference and workshop filled with presentations and coursework to beef up your social media marketing skills. One of the presentations will be “Everything You Need to Know About Monitoring Public Relationships,” hosted by Katie Paine, CEO of KDPaine & Partners, author, and measurement expert.

“The big thing that I will talk about most is integration; the integration of social media data with traditional media data, with market research data,” she told us this morning in a phone call from Miami.

Most marketers know that measurement and monitoring is critical to the publicity and marketing process. However, they’ve become inundated with information. According to Paine, many people have the data, but still don’t know how to handle it.

“There are all these tools, but they don’t mean anything to me if I can’t figure out what to do with it,” she told us.

One piece of the monitoring pie that isn’t as critical as you might think is sentiment analysis.

“Sentiment is a very small piece of what people are getting out of social media these days,” Paine said, first because it tends to be inaccurate and second because it leaves you with a lot of stuff to read. In both a tip to marketers and a plug for her book, Paine says that the most important thing is to “measure what matters.” And that means using technology as well as old-fashioned people power to connect the dots.

“The big thing is 80 percent of the stuff out there is crap,” she added. “The ones doing this right understand there’s still a big human element. It went from ‘computers are good, humans are bad’ to ‘you need a hybrid.'”

Over the past couple of years, there’s been a big shift in marketing measurement and marketing, with many people moving away from ad value equivalency (AVE). “A lot of the conversation now is about the alternatives,” she said.

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