Social Media Marketing Boot Camp: GetSatisfaction’s Thor Muller On Blog Customer Service

If you’re not a big company, but you still want to provide “customer service” to your readers, what does that mean?

Thor Muller, the guru of customer service (he did found GetSatisfaction, after all) said the following in today’s Social Media Marketing boot camp:

I think mostly it’s figuring out how to engage with your customers in a way that makes them feel they’re invested in your success. That’s the secret sauce. So when you have problems that they’re very forgiving because we’re all in this together. I think with a blog, you can certainly do that within the blog structure itself. You can have a page on WordPress dedicated to idea sharing around what you should be writing on. There are some plugins for WordPress that allow you to do that, or even the comments in your post. The basics apply here.

Social support: it’s not just for big companies.