Twitter, Facebook Recommendations Twice As Likely To Lead To Holiday Gift Purchases [STUDY]

Christmas time is here. Well, almost – it’s 11 days away. You’ve done all of your shopping… right?

No? Well, fret not, as all you have to do to get some fantastic gift ideas is head on over to Twitter and Facebook, and check out what your friends are recommending that you buy.

Marketing agency Mr Youth polled 4,500 adults and discovered that social media is playing a major role in their holiday gift purchases in 2011.

Key takeaways from the study:

  • 66 percent of social media users who made a Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday purchase did so as a direct result of a social media interaction with brands and family
  • 52 percent of social media users are willing to pay more for brands that they trust, compared to just 29 percent for non-users
  • Recommendations from social media users are TWICE as likely to lead to a holiday gift purchase, and 80 percent of users who received a response to their post from the brand made a purchase as a result of this interaction

(Source: Mr Youth. Top image credit: Worytko Pawel via Shutterstock.)