Social Media Makes Moms Worry More

Millennial moms use social media, but it makes them worry about finances. They report trying to look more well of than they are on social media.

social media makes moms worryWe all know that moms worry. That’s why we love them. We all know how much our moms love social media, too: posting on Facebook, creating holiday shopping lists on Pinterest and not understanding Twitter. However, MediaPost recently reported that a new study shows that social media actually makes moms worry more.

Seriously. From the report:

Two out of three mothers surveyed by BabyCenter said they worried about having enough money to raise their kids, up 11% from last year, and half said they worry frequently (meaning at least every few days). Money worries are also fueling discord in relationships, with four out of five moms arguing about finances with their partner. 58% of moms said they are planning to limit their family size for financial reason, and 81% said they would have more kids if money were no object. Turning to social media, fully 60% of moms surveyed by BabyCenter said they feel pressure to appear well-to-do on social media, as well as feeling envy and embarrassment because of their own situation compared with others; one in four millennial moms said she feels “significant” pressure to look well-off on social media.

BabyCenter’s 2014 report on millennial moms shows that how they use social media has big implications for marketers. Millennial moms are generally on the Internet more often than Gen X moms and are using tablets and smartphones. When they’re on mobile devices, they are more likely to be on social media than anything else; watching videos and taking pictures come in a close second and third place.

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