Marketer’s Guide To The Social Media Landscape [INFOGRAPHIC]

In February last year,, a website that provides digital marketing insight for Chief Marketing Officers, published their first CMO’s Guide To The Social Media Landscape.

The infographic takes a look at all the major social platforms – including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and more – and ranks them accordingly for how well they score for customer communication, brand exposure, site traffic and SEO.

CMO have updated their guide for 2011 – how has the social landscape changed?


  • Twitter scores well for customer communication and brand exposure, and okay for site traffic and SEO
  • Facebook also gets top marks for customer communication and brand exposure, rates as okay for traffic but bad for SEO
  • Digg and Stumbleupon come joint-first as a source of website traffic

I have to say I take umbrage with that last point. Digg hasn’t been a major factor in web traffic for months, and while both Digg and Stumbleupon can still send the odd burst of large traffic to a website they don’t compare, day in, day out, with Twitter and Facebook. Or Google, for that matter. It’s short, concentrated exposure, as opposed to the more valuable long tail.

Moreover, with Google’s Realtime Search now offline, it seems probable that Twitter isn’t going to SEO as well as it did.

What’s obviously missing from this data is Google+. Clearly it’s too soon to tell what kind of impact Google+ will make on the social landscape, but it will be interesting to see if it has the clout – and, dare I say, legs – to feature in CMO’s update in 2012.

Here’s your 2011 infographic (click to enlarge):


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