Social Media: It's A Numbers Game

Recently, I began thinking about all the different social media tools currently available and how many of them people leverage. I was reading one report earlier today that claimed social media has now left the early adopter stage and has reached the early majority phase. While the majority of individuals may not be registered for twitter, most people are now registered on multiple social networks and are actively commenting on blogs and other new media sources.

One thing that seemed to stick in my mind was how important diversity is in social media. I am active on Twitter, Facebook, Mixx and Digg, have a Facebook brand page, write three blogs and am using countless other sites. I realize that I don’t fit within the norm but there is a lesson to be learned: In order to be successful with social media, you need to leverage multiple channels. If you spread your social footprint across the web, you will eventually find that some channels are more effective for you than others.

For some, blogging is the most effective channel for reaching the maximum number of people. For others, Twitter is the most effective channel. Whatever the case, any successful social media participant will tell you that they are active on a number of channels. Whether you are active in social media for pleasure or for work, it is always in your best interest to expand your social media footprint. So get active and make sure you are in multiple channels not just one.

Just like investing, diversification is key in social media. How many social media channels are you active in? One other thing I’m wondering is what happens when social media becomes the norm? Does the value of new media and social media consultants decrease?