5 Reasons Why Social Media Is So Influential [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social media is everywhere.

Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn collectively have billions of users, and they’re getting bigger and more important each and every year.

But what is it that makes them so influential?

Well, as we’ve covered, size, for one. One out of every seven people on Earth is now on Facebook, and Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ all enjoyed banner years in 2012.

Social media also takes up a lot of time, and internet users are happy to get stuck in. This leads to the use of platforms such as Facebook and Twitter becoming second-nature, forming habits that influence their lives, both on and offline.

And businesses, of course, have been revolutionised by these tools. Almost four out of five (78 perfect) of brands now use Twitter, and 65 percent of small business owners said that social media has helped them stay engaged with their customers.

This infographic takes a closer look at what makes social media so influential – and why it’s here to stay.

(Source: Dashburst. Social media image via Shutterstock.)

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