Facebook, Twitter, YouTube – Social Media In Motion [VIDEO]

Did you know that Twitter now has over 140 million active users who tweet 340 million times every day? Or that the average Twitter user has 126 followers, 40 percent of Twitter users never tweet at all and 0.05 percent of Twitter’s total population attract almost 50 percent of all users?

62 percent of adults worldwide now use social media, and the UK has the largest saturation of internet users amongst all countries (at 85 percent). China has 456 million people online, but that represents just 35 percent of their population. On Facebook, Brazil has the largest number of online friends with 481, while Japan has the lowest with just 29. And perhaps most impressively, in 2011 YouTube had more than one trillion total video views.

These, and other eye-opening statistics can be seen in this video by motion graphics designer Andrej Preston, which takes a closer look at social media in motion.