Social Media Has Sapped Wil Wheaton’s Urge to Blog

When Wil Wheaton’s acting career dried up nearly a decade ago, he turned to the newly emerging blogosphere as his new creative outlet–rapidly becoming one of the web’s first celebrity bloggers. Wheaton wrote every day, and was so successful he eventually became a fulltime writer–not only maintaining a successful daily blog, but penning multiple memoirs and other works. But now, he says, advances in social media have largely drained his desire to keep going.

The world changed. The way we communicate online changed. Where I once had a blog, I now have a Twitter and a Tumblr and a podcast and a YouTube and Reddit and Flickr and and and and and like and such as. What used to turn into a 1500 word post on my blog is now a link on Tumblr, a picture on Twitter, and then nothing at all on my blog, because I’ve lost the need to write about it.

I’m not sure what happens next. I still love to write, though, and I still love interacting with readers. I still love telling stories. I’ve been writing more and more fiction, because I don’t feel weird writing about people and places I’ve made up, but I stopped writing regular columns because I began to get really sick of the sound of my own voice.

I used to write every day, and I looked forward to it. I kept my eyes and my ears and my soul open because I never knew when something was going to crash into my life that would make a good story. I’d like to find a way to get back to that, but I think things have changed so much, it’s not really possible to change them back again.

Hating the sound of your own voice is something all writers run up against now and again…and again…and again… Here’s hoping Wheaton figures it out.