Social Media Seeing Huge Take-Up Increase In Germany [STATS]

New data from BITKOM and eMarketer illustrate a notable increase in social media popularity in Germany.

Whereas in 2012, barely half (51.1%) of the country’s online population used social networks monthly, 78% of web users in Germany ages 14 and older had a profile on at least one social network in 2013, and 67% were active users – equivalent to 37 million people.

Interestingly, the increase in social media usage was most pronounced in older age brackets. 68% of 50-64-year-old web users were members of at least one social service this year, an 8-point increase since 2011. And among web users 65+, 40% were social network users in 2011, compared to 66% this year. That’s a massive shift.

As we shared last week, Facebook is by far the most popular social site in Germany, followed by XING, StayFriends, and Twitter.

(Source: eMarketer. Germany map image via Shutterstock.)