Social Media FAILS of the Week

No need to question my journalistic objectivity or what exactly the definition of “FAIL” is; by continuing, you agree to read one man’s opinion. You are encouraged to agree or disagree in the comments section below. On the radar this week is the NBA, TechCrunch, Octavia Nasr, Ford and LeAnn Rimes.


A 26-year-old man has done what I formerly thought was impossible: he single-handedly has controlled the media. Aside from President Obama, who else could take over a network (ESPN) on such short notice because they have something to say? Apparently, LeBron James can…and did.

Thanks to the greatest sting of NBA free agents in history (and the most eye-popping contracts I have ever seen), the NBA has enjoyed substantial organic growth on the Web. But apparently, this is not enough for Commish David Stern and the boys. In an attempt to bring traffic to their website,, opposed to other news outlets, they purchased ‘LeBron James” as a promoted Tweet. I have a novel idea…what if the NBA mandates that singing news must break through them? Wouldn’t that solve the problem and save them a few bucks?

TechCrunch TV

No opening music, no credits, and a fraction of the comments/social media love that their text posts receive, in my humble opinion, it looks like TechCrunch TV is not off to the best start. These guys are great writers and I dig what they do, but the PBS-style set is lame and the production value is simply not there. Quite frankly, I expect more from an organization with a gazillion silicon valley ties (even if they have hired former Forbes anchor and hottie Evelyn Rusli). Who launches a video series without having the basics out of the gate? Creating video is a time-consuming animal that takes a lot of effort and work, I’ll be curious to see how this develops – and not shocked if TCTV winds up in the dead pool.

Octavia Nasr

CNN’s (former) senior editor of Middle East affairs tweeted away her job earlier this week when she decided to praise a deceased Hezbollah terrorist. Nasr, a 25-year-news veteran,compromised her credibility by publicly stating her personal views, according to Parisa Khosravi, senior vice president of CNN International Newsgathering.

Of course jounros are entitled to have their own opinions, but why they feel compelled to share complex thoughts in under 140 characters, when using a Twitter handle identified with their employer, is beyond me.


Brace yourself…2011 will mark the return of the SUV that started a craze, the original gas guzzler, the Ford Explorer. In an effort to drum up excitement, Ford has taken to Facebook, promising to give away the newly domesticated Explorer if they achieve their (easy) goal of 30,000 Facebook “likes.”

What rubs me the wrong way is that the very people entering to win, are the same demographic that passes itself off as being “eco-friendly.” Yes, the new Explorer has improved fuel economy when compared to older models, but at around 19 MPG for a V4 – it still is a major suck. Ford might get this group to enter to win, but that’s probably about it.

LeAnn Rimes

If you can’t take the heat, get out of the Twitter! That’s what the country singer and alleged home wrecker is doing after fans took to Twitter to slam her for making out with her new beau Eddie Cibrian…inches away from his small sons. Everyone deserves a level of privacy, even famous people, but when you opt for PDA moments on a public beach, in front of the little ones, you get what you deserve. And LeAnn, quitting Twitter is not going to help your PR campaign. “I love my fans so very much and will return one day soon.” We can hardly wait.

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