Social Media Experts Unite to Empower Women at Women Rock It

Be afraid, but do it anyway. These are the words I repeat to myself at least twice a day.

Even now, I’m afraid of writing something you won’t like. But I am not alone. We all fear rejection, failure, and even our own success.

Ironically, when I first met Evan Bailyn, my Women Rock It Co-Producer, these fears were what connected us. These fears were also what led us to create an evening of inspiration and practical guidance to empower women to shine their light in the world.

You see, we are all afraid. But in this male-dominated world, women need even more encouragement to believe in themselves and their abilities. Yes, women need the support of other women, but they also need men to declare their desire to hear the powerful sound of female voices.

Now is the time to celebrate women.

So, whether you are a woman or a man, we hope you will join us on October 27th in San Francisco for cocktails, inspiration, social media knowledge, delicious food, live music, and an after-party with some of the most phenomenal and influential people in the social media space. Evan and I can’t wait to see you there.

You can purchase tickets here.


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