Germany Moves Above The UK As Europe’s Top Social Media Country [STATS]

The United Kingdom has long been seen as the de facto leader of social networking in Europe, with its more than 30 million active users of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram enough to keep it ahead of the competition.

However, new data suggests that the UK’s grip on this lofty title has been pulled away by one of its closest neighbours (and rivals), with its position as Europe’s number one now lost.

A recent study from eMarketer has revealed that it’s Germany that is now Europe’s top social networking region, with the country’s 33.1 million active users edging out the UK into second place.

France, Italy and Spain round out the top five.

Overall, 174.2 million people use social media in Western Europe, and Germany is expected to remain the top country for years to come.

(Source: eMarketer. German flag image via Shutterstock.)