Allen Bonde Discusses Moving from Social Media to Social Commerce

headshot for STAllen Bonde is co-founder and CMO of Offerpop, a new social marketing apps company, and Managing Director of Evoke CRM, his consultancy. His passion for online marketing and e-commerce started at McKinsey and Yankee Group way back in 1996. Join his conversation on Twitter on @abonde.

A great thing about social media is that it’s simple to understand – and easy to get started. Yet, making sense of all the options and approaches for social media marketing – and how they relate to Social Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – can be overwhelming. (For the latest on the Social CRM debate, check out the excellent blogs by Esteban Kolsky, Mitch Lieberman and Prem Kumar Aparanji. And despite a growing number of success stories, many brands continue to struggle with how to truly engage on Twitter or show the ROI of Social Media Marketing.

Focus is key to stripping away some of this confusion and getting at the core of what makes social channels and models work for many brands, retailers and other businesses. So is making things as simple as possible. These ideas are central to Offerpop’s mission.

We’ve been actively working to create a simple, actionable and, hopefully, easy to understand Social Marketing Maturity Model to help those in and around social media think about the possibilities, assess where they are currently and focus on specific, practical activities to “move up” the curve to true Social Commerce. If you are familiar with my proposed Twitter Marketing Model, this extends that first effort based on excellent input from our clients, team and others. It keeps the same stages of “recruit,” “engage” and “convert” – since the shortest path to showing the business value (ROI) of social media is generating more leads, deals and satisfied customers!

Within each of these three stages you’ll see some of the key capabilities and features of social marketing programs that are related to supporting and achieving that stage of maturity. Content is a key ingredient, and shifts from authored, to user-generated, to integrated with commerce and customer-facing infrastructure. Like other maturity frameworks, each stage assumes that you’ve inherited the capabilities of prior stages. Also note that we have generalized the activities as you move from stage to stage – cited above the framework – as a way to express the overall path to Social Commerce:

Outreach -> Sharing -> Conversations -> Experiences -> Offers -> Word-of-Mouth Sales

We have included with the metrics key measures for social marketing programs on Twitter and Facebook. (Brainzooming has a very nice dashboard and discussion on social media metrics.) Plus, we included some hot new topics to reflect key initiatives and areas where social marketing will need to interface with related multichannel marketing, content creation, PR, advertising and partner/affiliate marketing efforts.

Offerpop Social Marketing MM

The graphic shows the current version of our model – this a work in progress. Already we are looking at how additional feedback channels like the consumer insight tools from NetBase or influencer measures like Klout might fit in. And perhaps adding a “refine” stage and looking at relationships to additional channels like mobile, as suggested by Guy Stephens. Based on inputs from Augie Ray and others, we’d also love to explore additional outcomes (end-states) like brand building.

So what do you think? How do your social campaigns map to this model? And what would you add to it in the next version? I look forward to your comments.