9 Ways to Refresh Your Social Media Strategy [INFOGRAPHIC]

9 Ways to Refresh Your Social Media Strategy [INFOGRAPHIC]

How long have you been updating your brand’s Twitter profile or Facebook Page?

Months? Years? Day in, and day out, things can start to get a little stale. Maybe that’s being reflected in your overall engagement rates, customer response and sales. You need to take a step back, re-evaluate and refresh your campaign.

Here are some easy ways to refresh your social media pages:

1. Update banners and backgrounds – a new header photo or avatar can dramatically change the look of your Page or profile

2. Review page permissions – who actually has access to your social profiles?

3. Visit your competitors’ pages – what are they doing with their social media campaigns? How engaged are their followers? Are they doing anything new?

4. Check social sharing buttons – do the social sharing buttons on your website actually work and, if so, how good does the content look that is being shared? Take a moment to review and update your social meta tags

5. Revisit and assess goals – look at your analytics and performance. What were you trying to accomplish? Have your goals changed? Re-evaluate and move forward

Check the visual below for a social media clean up checklist, which comes courtesy of Everypost.

9 Ways to Refresh Your Social Media Strategy [INFOGRAPHIC]

(Source: Everypost.)