Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn And The Social Media Bill Of Rights [INFOGRAPHIC]

As social media further integrates itself into our everyday lives, we, all of us, are increasingly sharing more and more information about ourselves, both personal and professional, within these channels.

This is, for the most part, a good thing, as it connects the world, and empowers citizens and customers to make better decisions. But for many people privacy is still of utmost importance, and access to our personal profiles, certainly from employees and educational bodies, is something that we should absolutely be able to limit and control. But is that reality?

This infographic from takes a closer look at the current state of privacy in social media, proposing a social networking bill of rights, and includes an overview of the relative TOS for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. As things stand, these social networks are all on your side, although they could certainly be a little clearer about where they stand. Moreover, some official government legislative policy on this legal grey area would be very welcome.

(Source: Laptop image via Shutterstock.)