Social Media Best Practices for Marketers in 2014 [Infographic]

Tips and tricks for using everything from Facebook to Flickr for marketing your brand.

social media best practices

Vocus, a marketing software company, has made this nifty visual guide for marketers on social media, identifying the biggest trends to be aware of. Here are some of the takeaways:

  • Facebook: Photos, photos, photos. Users of the platform upload at least 350 million of them every day, so they’re a great way for marketers to drive engagement.
  • Twitter: Twitter users also have an affinity for multimedia, and brands can take advantage of this with Twitter Cards. The social network recently introduced Website Cards, making it easier than ever for brands to make web pages more engaging.
  • Google+: G+ is already integrated with YouTube, but brands can take it a step further by using Hangouts to create interactive, shareable content.
  • YouTube: Branded videos are all the talk these days, and they don’t necessarily require a huge investment of time and resources. Marketers can combine existing videos to make new ones, and even adapt PDFs into short-form videos.
  • LinkedIn: Multimedia is not just for Facebook and Twitter. Job seekers should consider making interactive resumes to draw in eyeballs and interest.
  • Flickr: Quality is key on this photo-sharing platform. Brands that want to use Flickr effectively should ensure that the images they share are print quality.
  • Pinterest: E-commerce! We know that the visual platform is a huge driver of sales. But brands should make sure the images they pin are watermarked, so users see the brand when a pin gets shared.
  • Instagram: This visual network is starting to rival Pinterest as an e-commerce destination. Even though Pinterest has more market share, the average purchase from Instagram is slightly higher, and the platform is becoming known as a boutique shopping destination.
  • Vine: You only have six seconds, so make sure your brand or product is the star of the show!

For more, check out the infographic below: [click to enlarge]
social media best practices

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