Social Media and the Arts [Podcast]

On today’s Morning Media Menu (MP3 link), GalleyCat editor Jason Boog and I talked about some new ways that social media affects the world of art on sites like Kickstarter and Pinterest.

Kickstarter recently created a stats page where you can see a summary of the projects that are currently raising funds on Pinterest in one glance. It’s good information for people who are thinking of raising money for a project and want to see which dollar amounts and categories are getting the best responses.

There’s a new form of storytelling on Pinterest that combines images and videos, as is evidenced by a new Web series called “Beat Girl.” We discussed what this will mean for the future of the site.

Jason also shared this link to a free tool that helps writers find cliched and overused words.  We both had to admit that when we’re writing a lot of stories in a short amount of time, it’s easy to repeat ourselves.

Follow this MP3 link to listen. The show was hosted by GalleyCat editor Jason Boog. Click here to receive the Morning Social Media Newsfeed via email. Image by prapass via Shutterstock. Music by Kevin MacLeod.