Social Media and Online Community Posts From Around The Web

Every Friday I post links to a few of the blog posts that I read during the week that I found interesting and insightful.

Included in this week’s round-up are posts about the role of SEO in SMM; best practice for achieving high engagement on journalistic Facebook Fan Pages; best practice for building a digital strategy; and a look at the broader duties of a moderators in online communities.

Online Communities Are More Than Just Websites… But, They Are Still Websites

In fact, one of the biggest tips I can give to a community manager of a public, open registration community, is to make sure that their content is spidered and indexed by search engines. It may not be some great revelation, it may not be sexy – but, it can be of vital, high impact importance.

Facebook’s Study of Journalist Page Engagement Reveals Page Post Best Practices

The ability to include a long description of what’s behind a link is one of the fundamental differences between Facebook and Twitter. While journalists and other content publishers may not prefer spending the extra time crafting Facebook posts, the benefits in traffic driven that this study shows should convince them the effort is worth it.

Building Your Digital Content Marketing Ladder

In order to achieve the goal of getting someone to buy something, you can either push them along or you can provide them with a clear avenue, a ladder in which the next rung is reachable and there’s something worth attaining by taking the next logical step. Each rung on the ladder requires additional effort and commitment, so there’d better be something increasingly good waiting for the prospective customer.

The Broader Role Of Moderators In Online Communities

Moderation doesn’t have to be a reactive process focusing on what can go wrong in a community, it can be a more encompassing role which both removes the barriers to participation and motivates people to interact.

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