Social Media and Online Community Posts From Around The Web

Every Friday I post links to a few of the blog posts that I read during the week that I found interesting and insightful.

Included in this week’s round-up are posts that discuss how to keep online community members from disappearing; best practice for how to distill content creation; why not everything needs an online community; and why most execs. feel like must adapt to social media.

Give Disappearing Community Members a Nudge

Maybe they’re having trouble with the site. Maybe they’re feeling disillusioned with the community. Maybe they’re having a tough time in their personal life. Regardless of what the problem is, it pays to reach out to them.

How To Distill Content Creation For Real Impact

It’s not enough just to subscribe to a bunch of blogs and read a bunch of tweets, not if you want to take all of the information you receive daily and make it useful.

Most Organizations Shouldn’t Start a Community

The majority of organizations shouldn’t have communities because they don’t do anything or sell something that people have a strong common interest in. We all drink water but few of us would like to be in a community started by the water company. Imagine the idiocy of every food and ingredient on your plate having its own community.

Social Media Gets Respect From C-Suite

Executives were also the most enthusiastic about saying they could improve their productivity by 10% or more if social media would allow them to reduce the time spent in meetings and conference calls (73%), searching for information and answers (68%), and reading and responding to email (70%).

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