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Included in this week’s round-up are social media lessons that SMBs can learn from IBM; whether social media can improve net promoter scores; best practice for how to value social media audiences; tips for using social media for your HR needs; and a discussion about the future of community.

4 Social Media Lessons SMBs Can Learn From IBM

Don’t be afraid to experiment. You can always try new things. You can always introduce new elements into your environment. The simplest way to think about social media is that you’re having a conversation with your constituents.

Can social media improve net promoter scores (nps)?

Social media gives customers an opportunity to feel directly connected to the heart of the business. With this in mind, you could consider running a closed community of promoters, with a high NPS,  for your brand.

How To Value Social Media Audiences

It’s time to bust out your spreadsheet. Set up columns for each of the values that Google shows you – channel, assist value, last interaction value, and a summary column. Then, if you’re using the standard 30 day timeframe that Google Analytics uses, measure the average audience count on each of the channels you have over the past 30 days.

How To Use Social Media For Your HR Needs

Think of other ways to share your HR needs. It might be a YouTube channel where you give insights to the company. Or it could be a niche community or network you sponsor that’s tied into your current and future needs. And with Google+ about to set business accounts live, candidates finding you through social search could be about to step up to another level.

Community is the Enterprise – The Future of Community

While communities may never serve as places from which direct sales are made, they are an ideal forum from which clients will test and validate value propositions, new business models and will vote on go to market approaches.  An integrated customer-first strategy will be integral to how businesses will generate revenue in the future.

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