Social Media and Online Community Posts From Around The Web

Every Friday I post links to a few of the blog posts that I read during the week that I found interesting and insightful.

Included in this week’s round-up is a best-practice guide for finding a job via social media; a look at how Sears created a successful online community around health and wellness; best practice for managing trolls and spammers on Facebook Pages; advice on how to use LinkedIn for business marketing; and a guide on how to hire an awesome community manager.

The Long Tail of Finding a Job Through Social Media

It takes time to build relationships and these should ideally be relationships that will last even if they can’t help you find work. People tend to know when they’re being used, so keep it real and be genuine in your friendship. Even online, this matters and sincerity could make all the difference in whether you get a job or not.

How Sears Holdings created its FitStudio community

Dominiquini and her team got employees as well as active fitness bloggers and trainers involved in creating content and establishing the vision and voice of the community. This began to snowball into more members and better conversations.

How to Effectively Manage Critics, Trolls and Spammers on Facebook Pages

If you feel that a customer has a legitimate enquiry but that public correspondence might become disruptive to the Facebook Page or even damage the reputation of the brand, it’s good advice to move things to email as soon as possible. Reply to their comment with your customer support email address or another email address they can reach you at and kindly ask them to follow up with you via email.

Advice On Using LinkedIn For Business Marketing

Actually the biggest mistake is that people and companies use LinkedIn and other social media to market themselves, meaning to put themselves out there (in a one-way communication broadcast manner) hoping that anyone would see them and buy from them. Although you can use LinkedIn for that, many people and organizations are disappointed in the results.

How To Hire The Ultimate Community Manager

Think carefully about where the community manager fits in with the larger organization, and how the firm will cultivate the individual as his or her career grows. This helps define the requirements for the role.

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