Social Me is Back, Privacy Still Vulnerable

A couple weeks ago I posted Social Me being shut down. Today the application was resurrected but it appears that there are still some substantial privacy loopholes. According to theharmonyguy, there is still a substantial privacy flaw which enabled him “to send a message to anyone and make it appear to be from anyone else. This also includes sending flirts, slaps, ‘interested in you’ notes, etc.”

While I’m not sure what the original cause was for a violation it appears that not all issues have officially been resolved. There is a larger problem at hand though. How does Facebook plan on enforcing all of these privacy violations? In theory, their API should simply grant or deny access information to applications based on some sort of pre-determined algorithm. Instead, due to the complexity of the platform, there are substantial loopholes that enable users to violate users’ privacy.

Policing the platform is simply not a scalable solution. In my own opinion Facebook know this and is part of the reason they made Elliot Schrange the head of the Facebook platform. As more privacy violations come to light there is no doubt that more applications will be shut down. I still don’t think this is a scalable solution. Instead, Facebook should have an API which makes it easier to automatically grant and remove access to user data based on automated systems.