Twitter Accounts For Just 4% Of Social Logins [INFOGRAPHIC]

Twitter Accounts For Just 4% Of Social Logins [INFOGRAPHIC]

Do you use Twitter to log in to websites that ask for your social credentials? Chances are, you don’t – only about four percent of all social logins are through Twitter.

Gigya explored the choices consumers make when faced with the question of how to log in to the sites they visit.

It will come as no surprise that Facebook is the reigning king of social logins.

Facebook accounts for 51 percent of all social logins across the web. Following Facebook is Google+ with 28 percent (up two percent from last quarter) and Yahoo with 15 percent (down three percent). Twitter is a distant fourth with just four percent – although it does beat out LinkedIn with one percent.

Twitter sees a bit of a lift when looking at social logins from mobile devices, up to six percent. However, this doesn’t come close to Facebook’s 63 percent or Google+’s 25 percent.

The infographic below breaks social logins down into types of websites and by geographical location – and although Twitter doesn’t fare too well, it’s an interesting glimpse into consumer behavior:

Social Login Infographic_Q4_Gigya

(image via Shutterstock)