Just 6.5% Of Users Worldwide Sign Into Websites With Twitter [STUDY]

When a website asks you to sign in with your favourite social media profile, which one do you choose?

Facebook, right? You’re far from alone. New data has revealed that 44.9 percent of users worldwide use their Facebook profile to sign into websites when prompted, which is up more than five percentage points since mid 2011.

And Twitter? Just 6.5 percent of users log into websites using the micro-blogging social network, a figure which has dropped from a high of 10 percent a year ago.

Both Google (32.9 percent) and Yahoo (7.1 percent) are currently more popular choices than Twitter, although it’s difficult to see who exactly is taking away share from Twitter, as Facebook is also well off its peak from last year. Both Google and “other” are up over the same period, but Google’s stake hasn’t really improved significantly in two years.

For B2B websites, Facebook leads, but has greater competition from both LinkedIn and Google. Curiously, Twitter has a 10 percent share of logins in B2B websites, but that number has halved over the past 12 months.

(Source: eMarketer. Login image via Shutterstock.)