OMG! Illiterate Twitter Users Are Driving English Language Evolution, Says Study [INFOGRAPHIC]

Twitter users are the least literate internet users in social networking, reveals a new study from Brandwatch and mycleveragency.

However, while users of Twitter are prone to misspelling words and leaving out punctuation altogether, certainly more than their counterparts on Facebook and Google+, they’re also part of an evolution in English language that is re-shaping how we communicate online.

The survey observed that while tweeters are actually more literate now than they were a year ago, it’s their heavy use of alternative spellings of words (i.e., ‘so’ becomes ‘sooo’) and acronyms (LOL, OMG, YOLO etc) that is helping to shift written language into an entirely new direction.

The report noted that Americans tend to deviate with their spelling of words slightly more than folks based in the UK, and women are more likely to misspell (or, perhaps, be creative with the spelling of) words than men.

Some words that are often misspelled include:

  • definitely
  • separate
  • embarrass
  • achieve
  • surprise
  • weird
  • government
  • argument

Apostrophes are also often left out of social messages, resulting in words such as im, wont, cant and theres.

Check the infographic below for all the key highlights from the study.

(Source: Brandwatch.)